Tiffany Stone Cabachon - Ruby Dragon
Tiffany Stone Cabachon - Ruby Dragon
Tiffany Stone Cabachon - Ruby Dragon

Tiffany Stone Cabachon

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Wear you healing on the go with this eye-catching Tiffany Stone Cabachon, measuring 2.25" x 2" and weighing 1.1 ounces! Perfect for jewelry making, you can show off this unique power piece for years to come!
An exceptionally high vibration crystal, Tiffany Stone (Bertrandite) is unusually beautiful and rare!
Primarily associated with the upper Chakras, Tiffany Stone promotes love and kindness through the Heart and High Heart energy centers. Effective in stimulating the Throat Chakra, this gorgeous stone aids truthful and compassionate communication.
Placing Tiffany Stone on the Third Eye Chakra or holding a piece during meditation can enhance psychic and intuitive abilities, helping to clarify goals and spiritual purpose in the journey.
Tiffany Stone also opens and activates the Crown Chakra, assisting in pronounced connection with the higher self and universal wisdom while integrating divine love and light into the physical body.
Encouraging calm fortitude even in challenging circumstances, Tiffany Stone is a wonderful crystal ally during important life changes.
Bring home this uncommon beauty to experience positive and soulful transformation today!