Samadhi Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon
Samadhi Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon
Samadhi Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon

Samadhi Quartz Cluster

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A comforting “Crystal of Radiant Love,” this stunning pink SAMADHI QUARTZ Cluster comes only from the sacred Kullu Valley in the Himalayan Mountains of India. An unusual piece, this cluster measures 3.5" x 4.5" x 4" and weighs 1.5 pounds of pure healing energy!

Samadhi Quartz is found in what is called the  “Valley of the Gods” in the Himalayan region, which is one of the highest vibration spiritual locations in the world where people have traveled throughout time to achieve states of Samadhi—a deep state of contemplation and Oneness leading to enlightenment. Here, Samadhi Quartz is infused with these frequencies and carry blissful energies that connect us to the Divine presence within our true selves and in all of Creation.
Clarity, peace, and contentment are states of awareness available to us through the use of Samadhi Quartz in meditation or by placing them in our environment. These empowering crystals aid in unifying heart and mind, and can help us overcome even the most challenging circumstances where we may be feeling compromised, unloved, or mistreated. This is a powerful crystal to assist during periods of transition, ultimately leading to significant and positive transformation
Samadhi Quartz offers unconditional love and happiness, nurturing and balancing our emotional bodies to facilitate deep inner healing. As we reconnect with our Higher Selves in wholeness and wellness, Samadhi Quartz can aid in more fully understanding and embracing our spiritual paths with joy and purpose.