Rutilated Hematite #79 - Ruby Dragon
Rutilated Hematite #79 - Ruby Dragon
Rutilated Hematite #79 - Ruby Dragon

Rutilated Hematite #79

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Grounding and centering vibes abound with this small and mighty showpiece! Hematite with Rutile is remarkably rare, and this beauty measures 1.25" x 1" x .5" at a bit over 1 solid ounce!

A “Stone of Resolution,” silvery-black Hematite emits deep earth energies connecting us to the core of our planet as well as the core within the center of our beings. This highly protective stone deflects lower and negative energies, instilling us with resolute determination to remain balanced regardless of external influences. 
Hematite further helps us to journey within, encouraging the identification and release of past attachments or resentments. As we remove residual energies, this stone activates the Root and Earth Star Chakras to solidify feelings of safety, security, and belonging on every level.

The Rutile aspect of this gorgeous piece connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra--the place of strength, will, and empowerment. This mighty mineral encourages spiritual growth and awareness, and the brilliant golden threads symbolize the presence of the Divine with each of us. Rutile cleanses the aura, helping us to become able (and willing!) to shift our awareness into one of soul transformation for the highest good while freeing us from past resentments and promoting forgiveness.