Rhodonite Sphere - Ruby Dragon
Rhodonite Sphere - Ruby Dragon
Rhodonite Sphere - Ruby Dragon

Rhodonite Sphere

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This breathtaking RHODONITE Sphere will make a beautiful addition to your crystal healing practice or collection! It measures 2.75" across and weighs almost 1.5 pounds. Sphere stand is included with purchase!
A whole-heart healer, pretty pink RHODONITE is known as a “Stone of Acceptance,” as it emits gentle frequencies of forgiveness and unconditional love. An excellent tool for balancing the emotional body, Rhodonite resonates with the Heart Chakra to clear away trauma, release blockages, and instill peace and compassion for Self and others.
A wonderful relationship stone, Rhodonite can help improve positive communication, helping us to speak and live from the heart rather than acting or reacting in anger or fear. As this stone also balances yin-yang energies, it can help us better understand and empathize with others’ perspectives or perceptions, especially in relationship to the opposite sex.
Rhodonite radiates love on every level, teaching us to nurture and forgive ourselves for past ‘mistakes’ or troubles. Becoming gentler with the Self creates space for us to extend this love outward, and to do so without expectation or attachment to any outcome. Letting go of the past also aids in our acceptance of what has already been done so we are better able to welcome new energies with open arms—and open hearts!