Psilomelane Cabachon - Ruby Dragon
Psilomelane Cabachon - Ruby Dragon
Psilomelane Cabachon - Ruby Dragon

Psilomelane Cabachon

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Dazzling and rare, this Psilomelane Cabachon will make a truly powerful spirit piece for years to come! Measuring 2" x 1.25", this beauty weighs .7 ounces!
A magical “Stone of Duality,” PSILOMELANE emits deep reflective qualities for introspection and spiritual shifts. As this mineral harnesses the energies of both shadow and light, Psilomelane can teach us to embrace karmic lessons with higher understanding for our spiritual growth and transformation.
Known for its power of attraction, Psilomelane has long been heralded as a good luck stone, helping us to clarify our dreams and intentions as we allow abundance to flow into our lives unobstructed by perceived limitations.
A profound healer, this radiant stone roots out negativity, guilt, resentments, or trauma while clearing away psychic sludge or blockages that may have manifested in the physical body.
Highly protective, Psilomelane creates energetic shields to deflect undesirable influences and is a wonderful crystal ally for use in shamanic journeying, meditation, or dream work.
This unusual Psilomelane Cabachon will make a brilliant pendant to carry magic with you wherever you go!