Malachite Cabachon #84 - Ruby Dragon
Malachite Cabachon #84 - Ruby Dragon
Malachite Cabachon #84 - Ruby Dragon

Malachite Cabachon #84

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Perfect for a pendant close to your heart, this brilliant Malachite Cabachon measures 1.5" x 1" and is going to make a breathtaking power piece in your jewelry collection!

A "Stone of Transformation," MALACHITE emits powerful frequencies to assist us in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.
This heart-centered stone aligns the chakras and removes energetic obstructions or imbalances that may have manifested as physical conditions or dis-ease in the body. Malachite alleviates symptoms associated with muscle and joint issues like arthritis, drawing out inflammation and pain. It can also be used in the treatment of asthma, intestinal problems, and Parkinson's. It further strengthens the skeletal structure as well as improving memory.
This curative stone can establish a powerful shield around us and in our environment, absorbing pollutants and impurities from the environment and from the body!
Malachite can also facilitate the integration of wisdom and insight as we embrace the power of change and transformation for our highest good!
Malachite is truly unique in its ability to help us transform on every level, and is exceptionally beneficial as we invite wholeness AND wellness into our journeys forward!