Lemurian Channel Point - Ruby Dragon
Lemurian Channel Point - Ruby Dragon
Lemurian Channel Point - Ruby Dragon
Lemurian Channel Point - Ruby Dragon

Lemurian Channel Point

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Download high vibrations and universal wisdom with this awesome Lemurian Quartz Channel Point! Measuring 4.75" x 1" x 1.75" and weighing 8.6 ounces, this spectacular crystal is going to make a radiant addition to your crystal healing practice and collection!
Channeling crystals are defined by their 7-sided face on one side, and a 3-sided triangular face on the opposite side.
The 7 sides of the front face each represent a valuable life lesson, which can be channeled through clear and pure intention. The number 7 also reflects the major chakra points on a human body, the 7 planes of existence, 7 colors of rainbow light, among other powerful energies represented by the number 7.
7 also symbolizes the mystic, a "Seeker of Truth," or one who is open to understanding the mysteries of the universe and of Creation.
The "3" or the Triangle is such a sacred ancient Universal symbol of unity, strength, balance, communication and wholeness. The number 3 also represents personal power and self-knowledge, and the expression and manifestation of that on Earth.
We can strengthen our connection to this stream of consciousness, by concentrating on the third eye and crown chakras. A Channeller will help to identify, focus, clarify, and strengthen this connection, and aid this process. This work takes a great deal of time and experience, is very individual and should be of course approached with utmost respect for oneself and Quartz. Get to know your Channeller, listen to it and your intuition, and clarity will come.
Lemurian crystals are unique for their otherworldly energy and make exceptional allies for use in crystal healing or meditation. Legend has it that the horizontal striations found on Lemurian crystals (prior to being polished) are codes of Light and wisdom inscribed by the ancient civilization of Lemuria. These crystals have returned to the surface of the earth in recent years as human beings enter into a new age of enlightenment and cosmic consciousness.