Lapis Lazuli Flame - Ruby Dragon
Lapis Lazuli Flame - Ruby Dragon
Lapis Lazuli Flame - Ruby Dragon

Lapis Lazuli Flame

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Deep blue and shimmering gold, this gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Flame measures 3.25" x .75" x 2" and weighs almost 5 ounces!
A brilliant “Stone of Complete Awareness,” LAPIS LAZULI has long been treasured and was regarded by ancient civilizations to be a sacred amulet for protection in this realm and into the afterlife!
A truly powerful stone—deep blue interlaced with white Calcite and glittery gold Pyrite—Lapis Lazuli (or Lapis) is associated with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, activating the power of our authentic voice, keen insight, and Divine connection.
Lapis is a fantastic ally for lucid dreaming, and when placed on the Third Eye during sleep or meditation can enhance intuitive visions and assist in retention of detailed revelations. Lapis soothes the soul, imparting peace and wisdom to draw upon our strengths rather than our perceived weaknesses in any circumstance.
Also wonderful for improving communication on every level, Lapis helps us to listen attentively, to speak thoughtfully, and to practice mindful awareness before we act.
Wearing or carrying Lapis Lazuli benefits the physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies as it offers continual healing vibrations. This stunning stone boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and blood pressure, and alleviates symptoms associated with depression, vertigo, and insomnia. As Lapis Lazuli also purifies and clears blockages with its gently persistent cleansing energy, it can also treat an array of throat, ear, sinus, circulatory and respiratory issues.