Golden Healer Pyramid - Ruby Dragon
Golden Healer Pyramid - Ruby Dragon
Golden Healer Pyramid - Ruby Dragon

Golden Healer Pyramid

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Feel the radiant energy generated by pyramids combined with the potent vibrations of Golden Healer Quartz in this gorgeous piece! The flawlessly carved pyramid measures 1.75" high and 2" at its base, and will positively transform your environment and crystal healing practice!
An efficient “Master Healer,” GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ (aka Hematoid Quartz) connects with universal life force to impart restorative Light throughout our physical and energy bodies.
Associated with every sign of the zodiac, the Sun, and each of the Chakras through our Eighth—or Soul Star—Chakra, Golden Healer Quartz can assist deep spiritual connection, attunement to higher realms, and amplification of our vibrational frequencies.
Used in healing work, this rare form of quartz activates our luminous energy fields (LEF), clearing any blockages or residual attachments. The radiant frequencies emitted by this multi-dimensional crystal also recharge and brighten the aura.
This crystal imparts awareness with clarity of vision, and encourages us to become empowered on our paths of transformation and expansion. Golden Healer Quartz is a helpful ally in spiritual work, aiding in meditation, refining intentions, and manifesting the highest good for all concerned.
Physically, Golden Healer Quartz cleanses every organ, boosts the immune system, and improves digestive issues.