Fuchsite Kyanite Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon
Fuchsite Kyanite Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon
Fuchsite Kyanite Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon

Fuchsite Kyanite Palm Stone

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Rare and powerfully healing, this flashy Fuchsite Kyanite Palm Stone is a unique member of our Small and Mighty Collection! Measuring 2" x 1.75" x .75" and weighing 2.8 ounces, this baby is a perfect crystal ally for use in meditation or body layouts!

Known as a “Stone of Oneness,” Fuchsite and Kyanite combined create harmonious and supportive energies for our highest good! The iridescent flash contained within this uncommon crystal reminds us to shine our own inner light, and to appreciate the beauty of all life on earth.
Earth healers use Fuchsite Kyanite to send loving energy into and around the planet, supporting oneness and connection between every living being.
The Fuchsite aspect of this crystal helps us to release old patterns of thought or behavior, and works to dissolve feelings of resentment and martyrdom. Instilling in us a balanced sense of self-worth, Fuchsite assists in overcoming codependency and boosts our ability to communicate cooperatively with others.
Kyanite brings about inner strength and resilience, and encourages us to find peaceful solutions with joy and love in mind. The combination of Fuchsite Kyanite also prevents mental, physical and spiritual “burnout,” reminding us to practice self-care and to nurture ourselves regularly.
Fuchsite Kyanite will make a powerful healing addition to your crystal collection, and it is absolutely beautiful to behold!