Faden Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon
Faden Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon
Faden Quartz Cluster - Ruby Dragon

Faden Quartz Cluster

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A powerhouse member of Small and Mighty tribe, this brilliant Faden Quartz Cluster measures 1.5" x 1" x .5 and weighs .7 ounces!
A unique variety of Quartz, FADEN Crystals are profound healers capable of storing intention and energy for extended periods of time. These eye-catching beauties emit pure vibration light frequencies to facilitate transformation in the physical and etheric bodies for the highest good to unfold.
Effective crystal allies for use in meditation, astral travel, and dreamwork, Faden Quartz promotes intuitive abilities and spiritual awakening.
As these record-keepers have long memory of prior programming, Faden Quartz should be cleansed and cleared when new intentions are desired.
These unusual crystals help to bring about necessary and positive change, aligning all Chakras and repairing the aura for optimal wellness. Faden Quartz can be used in crystal healing to root out the cause of dis-ease or energy blockages while restoring inner harmony and balance.
Adding Faden Quartz to your crystal healing toolbox will help you feel and be your best in every aspect of your journey!