Epidote Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon
Epidote Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon
Epidote Palm Stone - Ruby Dragon

Epidote Palm Stone

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Small and Mighty, this unusual Epidote Palm Stone radiates good vibrations for wellness and wholeness on every level! Measuring 2.5" x 2" x .5" and weighing 2.7 ounces, it is an exceptional piece for meditation and healing work!

A positive “Stone of Will,” EPIDOTE emits empowering energies straight to the heart! Connected to this Chakra at the center of our beings, Epidote infuses us with loving awareness and a “can-do” outlook on our journeys.
As Epidote is a cleansing stone, it moves emotional and mental blockages and rids our consciousness of doubt or procrastination that may be preventing true forward movement. Encouraging gentleness with the Self, this stone shifts critical tendencies into more forgiving and accepting thoughts and feelings.
Working with Epidote heightens our ability to see potential and helps us more fully understand we have choice and free will in every circumstance. As this stone opens our hearts, we are better able to come from a place of love to facilitate the best possible outcome in our experiences.
We have this lovely stone available in the shop, and we also have Epidote in Quartz—which magnifies its healing energies!!