Citrine Crystal Skull - Ruby Dragon
Citrine Crystal Skull - Ruby Dragon
Citrine Crystal Skull - Ruby Dragon
Citrine Crystal Skull - Ruby Dragon

Citrine Crystal Skull

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An unusually beautiful being of light, this Natural Citrine Crystal Skull is going to make a powerful companion! Measuring 2" high, 1.75" wide, and 2.75" long, this skull weighs half a pound of healing energy.  
Like other crystals and stones, each skull contains a unique vibration and purpose. Crystal skulls reflect, refract, transmit, attune, store, and amplify our personal energies, and working with crystal skulls can facilitate enlightening and profound shifts in our journeys.
As representations of higher consciousness, our human experience with life, death, and rebirth, as well as gifts from Mother Earth herself, crystal skulls are powerful beings capable of promoting new awareness, connection, healing and transformation.
A “Stone of Prosperity,” radiant CITRINE connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra—our center of will and empowerment. Citrine promotes motivation, clarity and passion for new endeavors.
Awakening creativity and inspiration, Citrine is an ideal crystal to use when beginning new projects or making significant life changes.
Citrine is a powerful manifestation aid, bringing in and sustaining abundance. It also impart feelings of generosity, which reminds us to be in the flow and pay our good fortune forward.
Citrine also absorbs negativity and transmutes lower vibrations into light and protective energies on every level. A wonderful generator in any environment, Citrine offers us cleansing, clearing, and cohesiveness in our relationships with others!