Chrysocolla Malachite Free Form - Ruby Dragon
Chrysocolla Malachite Free Form - Ruby Dragon

Chrysocolla Malachite Free Form

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An otherworldly neon blue, this Chrysocolla Malachite Free Form piece combines the powerful benefits of two remarkable healers! This beauty measures 4.5" x 5" x 2" and weighs 2.8 pounds, making it the perfect size for any altar space or for use in meditation!

A "Stone of Creativity," CHRYSOCOLLA imparts greater inspiration, expression, and manifestation! Chrysocolla benefits each of the Chakras, revitalizing the Root, Navel, and Solar Plexus areas, soothing the Heart, strengthening the Throat, opening the Third Eye, and channeling energy through the Crown Chakra into the body. This gorgeous stone pro motes clear communication, loving intention, and balanced energy in our beings.

Chrysocolla helps us to release stress, animosity, guilt, and other emotions that no longer serve our highest good. It emits powerful vibrations to improve inner strength, resolve, and understanding in every situation, allowing us to align with our higher selves for the best possible outcome.

The MALACHITE aspect of this piece transmits frequencies to assist us in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness! A "Stone of Transformation," it acts to align and activate the chakras, harmonizing our energy to remove obstructions and imbalances that may have manifested as physical conditions or dis-ease in the body.

Particularly useful in alleviating symptoms associated with muscle and joint issues like arthritis, Malachite draws out inflammation and pain. It can also be used in the treatment of asthma, intestinal problems, and Parkinson's. It further strengthens the skeletal structure as well as improving memory.

This vibrant green stone can establish a powerful shield around us and in our environment, absorbing pollutants and impurities from the environment and from the body! Also a stone of recognition and foresight, Malachite assists us in the acknowledgment and release of past experiences or trauma, helping us to understand more fully the lessons we have encountered. It can also facilitate the integration of wisdom and insight as we embrace the power of change and transformation for our highest good! 

Create the experiences you wish to see manifest with Chrysocolla and Malachite as a positively charged crystal ally!