Charoite #89 - Ruby Dragon
Charoite #89 - Ruby Dragon
Charoite #89 - Ruby Dragon

Charoite #89

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A real Russian beauty, this polished Charoite palm stone is unique in energy and in form! Measuring 2" x 1.25" x .5" and weighing 1.5 ounces, this is a perfect piece for use in crystal healing and spiritual transformation!

A rare “Stone of the Soul,” beautiful CHAROITE connects us with divine energies through the Crown Chakra, infusing us with higher understanding and universal truth.
A powerful healer, Charoite cleanses our auras, opens our hearts to unconditional love, and aligns us with positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. This vibrant stone can ease us into making necessary change, promoting transformation for the highest good as we peacefully surrender that which no longer serves us.
Charoite ranges in color from pale lavender to rich purple with swirling patterns throughout, to remind us we are in the constant flow of co-creation.
Because Charoite enhances mindfulness and spiritual awakening, working with or wearing this stone can help us more fully embrace our true callings and dreams.
Charoite can help alleviate insomnia and nightmares, and is a wonderful aid in overcoming compulsive or fearful tendencies. Physically, Charoite can regulate blood pressure and treat issues associated with the eyes, heart, pancreas, and liver