Tanzanite Free Form - Ruby Dragon
Tanzanite Free Form - Ruby Dragon
Tanzanite Free Form - Ruby Dragon

Tanzanite Free Form

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A radiant “Journey Stone,” this unique TANZANITE Free Form will add spiritual fire and light to your life! Part of our Small and Mighty Collection, this vibrant piece measures 1.25" x .5" x .5" and weighs .5 ounces. Don't let size fool you, this beauty is packed with energy!

Tanzanite comes from only one place in the world—the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was originally discovered by Masai cattle herders following a lightning strike that caused brown Zoisite crystals on the ground to burn, revealing the ethereal blue interior. Tanzanite is therefore known as a ‘stone of the gods’ capable of facilitating deep spiritual growth and transformation.
Associated primarily with the Third Eye Chakra, Tanzanite is ideal to expand psychic and intuitive abilities. A high vibration, protective stone, Tanzanite creates powerful shields to transmute lower or unwanted energies.
Calming and soothing, Tanzanite balances all aspects of the personality and emotional body, bringing about positive changes where needed.

This particular piece is the perfect size for custom jewelry designs, medicine pouches, altars and more!