Thunder Egg - Ruby Dragon
Thunder Egg - Ruby Dragon
Thunder Egg - Ruby Dragon

Thunder Egg

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This powerful Thunder Egg from Germany is a gorgeous example of Mother Earth's hidden beauty. Beneath a rocky exterior, deep reds are revealed to connect with the Root Chakra and ancient wisdom. Measuring 4.75" x 4.75" x 2.5" and weighing over 2.6 pounds, this showpiece will become a favorite in your crystal healing practice and collection! BONUS! This piece is on SALE at 50% OFF!
Known as "Amulet Stones," these THUNDER EGG are magnificent crystals created within cooled molten lava shells. They carry the vibrations of Fire and Earth, each one uniquely structured with the most beautiful star-like patterns and brilliant colors!
The energy of Thunder Eggs connects us more deeply to Mother Earth and our Earth Star Chakras, as well as nurturing our spirits and aligning us with our true paths in this lifetime.
These energetic stones have been used for decreasing hostility and anger. Thunder Eggs remind us that energy follows thought, and help us practice positive mindfulness in our intentions and actions.
Thunder Eggs instill calm and reduce stress, soothe the nervous system, and are powerful aids in meditation practices!