Quartz Laser Cluster #27 - Ruby Dragon
Quartz Laser Cluster #27 - Ruby Dragon
Quartz Laser Cluster #27 - Ruby Dragon

Quartz Laser Cluster #27

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Otherworldly energies at your fingertips with this rare Quartz Laser Cluster! This unusual piece stand over 6" high and 7" wide with multiple Lasers pointing into the heavens!
Laser Crystals are said to have been created on Earth by Light Beings via thought projection, and the energy and wisdom of these Beings is stored within the crystalline structure for our healing and learning in this time. 
Radiating loving frequencies and infusing our energy bodies with pure Light, Laser Crystals are powerful tools for transformation and directional healing work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Utilizing Laser Quartz with mindful intention can assist us in connecting with the infinite flow of Source energy, and can further align us with our Higher Selves in profound awareness of our own Divine Light. 
There is a responsibility in using the energy of Laser Quartz to direct only the purest intentions for the highest good of all concerned. These crystal formations are incredibly potent and should always be honored with Love and Light in our hearts and minds any time we work with them.