Bracelet Set~Morganite, Lepidolite, Peach Moonstone - Ruby Dragon
Bracelet Set~Morganite, Lepidolite, Peach Moonstone - Ruby Dragon

Bracelet Set~Morganite, Lepidolite, Peach Moonstone

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Direct from our Prescription Bracelet Bar, this energetic BRACELET SET includes Morganite, Lepidolite, and Peach Moonstone-- a sweet combination to infuse you with loving vibrations through and through! The bracelets are 8mm gemstone beads and stretch to fit nearly every wrist perfectly!

A heart-centered “Stone of Divine Love,” pretty, pink MORGANITE embodies the powerful presence of Source and universal wisdom. Imparting compassion, Morganite helps us release old traumas, pain, and burdens—whether these are known or unknown in our consciousness. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Morganite instills emotional warmth, forgiveness, and joy. Morganite clears mental chatter and encourages loving intentions. Morganite helps us to recognize the perfection and beauty of spirit as we are positively transformed by the power of pure Love and pure Light within. 

Peace and harmony exude from LEPIDOLITE, a soothing “Stone of Transition.”
Lepidolite contains LITHIUM and emits calming, positive energies that dissipate negativity, depressive tendencies, and anxiety. Lepidolite facilitates deep emotional healing, release, and stress reduction. It gently encourages us to change old patterns or outdated beliefs and to create space for new beginnings.
This cleansing stone also assists in overcoming dependency of any kind, relieves physical tension and exhaustion, and strengthens the immune system.
Associated with the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras, Lepidolite helps us clarify our intentions, speak our truth, and open our hearts to love.
Activating the Crown Chakra, this high vibration stone aligns us with universal wisdom and higher understanding of our souls’ journeys.

A “Stone of Inner Light,” PEACH MOONSTONE emits reflective, introspective energy to help us discover the hidden truths of our soul paths.
A gentle healer, Moonstone clears away negativity or trauma, encouraging emotional calm and mental clarity.
Moonstone opens the Crown Chakra to integrate higher wisdom into our beings.
Wearing Moonstone provides both physical and psychic protection, helping us to deflect undesirable influences whether they are external or internal in nature.