Chakra Bracelets ~ Root Chakra - Ruby Dragon
Chakra Bracelets ~ Root Chakra - Ruby Dragon
Chakra Bracelets ~ Root Chakra - Ruby Dragon

Chakra Bracelets ~ Root Chakra

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Feel supported and nurtured with this energetic Root Chakra gemstone bracelet set!
Comprised of Garnet, Hematite, Obsidian, and Leopardskin Jasper, these quality round bead bracelets stretch to accommodate nearly every wrist!
The Root Chakra is the energy center through which we feel connected, secure, and safe in the world.
GARNET: Radiant earth frequencies balance mood and emotions.
  • Inspires passion and vitality for life.
  • Invokes serenity, confidence, and courage.
  • Restores flow through the Root Chakra and gently clears energetic obstructions.
HEMATITE: Connects us to the planet’s core energies.
  • Solidifies feelings of safety, security, and belonging.
  • Supportive during challenging times.
  • Promotes release of past karma, attachments, or resentments.
BLACK OBSIDIAN: Volcanic “Stone of Psychic Protection."
  • Shifts awareness to shed perceived limitations.
  • Used in energy healing to “cut away” negative attachments.
  • Promotes insight and reveals personal truth.
LEOPARDSKIN JASPER: A “Supreme Nurturer.”
  • Connects us with our personal power and spiritual guides.
  • Powerful protection stone and boosts strength and vitality.
  • Inspires harmony, soothes stress and anxiety.
This Root Chakra bracelet set is perfect for anyone working on Root Chakra energies involving life purpose, achieving goals, and overcoming challenges with greater ease.