Veteran's Day, Fuchsia Friday, New Crystals & More!

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New and unusual stones are in the shop this week. We have not seen these crystal combinations until now, and they’re as powerful as they are beautiful.
First, Moonstone and Aquamarine combine energies in these luminescent palm stones. Moonstone reflects light to heal trauma, deflect negativity, and soothe the soul. It balances moods, strengthens clarity and promotes harmony. Moonstone can help bring ideas into form and dreams into reality.
Aquamarine is a stone of flow. Gentle yet protective, it clears blockages and repairs the aura. Aquamarine soothes worry or fear, boosting courage and compassion in every experience.  These Moonstone and Aquamarine palm stones are perfect for anyone working on self-love,  emotional healing, and openness to change.
Next, Chrysocolla and Black Tourmaline team up in these vibrant tumbled stones. Chrysocolla is wonderful for creativity and self-expression. It energizes all Chakras, relieves stress, and encourages confident individuality.
Black Tourmaline is all about protection. For psychically sensitive people, it fortifies energetic boundaries and creates a shield against undesirable influences. Tourmaline absorbs negativity and transforms it into higher vibrations. Chrysocolla and Tourmaline together? All we can say is “WOW.” It is a powerhouse stone with efficient energy to help you accomplish all that you set in motion, feeling grounded and motivated from start to finish.
Next, Larvikite is back in stock! This flashy black and silver stone is unique as it connects with earth and astral energies. It enhances intuition, focus, and patience to create inspired and positive changes. It is also known as Black Moonstone and Black Labradorite.
Selenite stars and hearts are in! Selenite is a high-vibration, cleansing mineral. Uplifting and purifying, these new Selenite pieces will make lovely gifts for yourself or someone else.
And, I just had to mention the new face rollers.  Many of you have tried and loved the Jade ones.  Well now we have them in Amethyst.  They are perfect for rolling away the pain of headaches and for increasing your intuitive skills by massaging your third eye!
Come in soon for best selection on these new beauties!
This week’s Prescription Bracelet Story involves a woman who came into the shop looking for crystals to support her in a new business venture. She expressed she was committed to pursuing her dream yet was feeling anxious about making such a big change in her life.
There are many crystals that can help with anxiety, especially through times of significant change. We suggested she first try on a Lepidolite bracelet. Lepidolite has Lithium in it, which soothes emotions and quiets scattered or nervous thoughts. She said she felt an immediate sense of peace wash through her body for the first time in months.
We also suggested she try on a Labradorite bracelet to help with her creative pursuit and adjust to change. Labradorite boosts clarity and intuition to envision new possibilities with calm confidence. The woman connected with this bracelet as well, stating she already felt more empowered to make important decisions on the road to success.
She purchased both bracelets and left feeling ready to embrace the next chapter in her journey.
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has something for everyone and for every need. Come in today and let us help you find your perfect match!
An electric “Stone of Awakening,” SILVER CALCITE powerfully activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. This unusual variety of Calcite imparts multiple benefits for body and soul:
•Facilitates sudden insight and release of past lessons or karma
•Reveals truth beyond limiting beliefs or perceptions
•Quiets scattered thoughts and boosts mental clarity
•Promotes intuitive visioning, channeling, communication
•Treats issues of the head, neck, and eyes
•Accesses root of pain, removes blockages or inflammation
NOTE: Holding or working with Silver Calcite for the first time can be a bit uncomfortable until the body acclimates to its energy. Any discomfort transitions into bliss, and it is a remarkable powerhouse for personal and spiritual transformation.
Come experience Silver Calcite for yourself as our Stone of the Week, and receive a special discount on this mighty mineral today!
NOVEMBER 11 - VETERANS DAY! - We want to personally thank all of you veterans  for all you are doing and have done to keep us safe.  Please come in with your military I.D. and we will give you a free Rose Quartz heart and a big hug. 
NOVEMBER 23 - FUCHSIA FRIDAY.  We know that most businesses call it Black Friday, but we would rather celebrate Fuchsia.  You see Fuchsia is the color of our logo (drawn by my granddaughter Aine).
So to celebrate, we are starting our holiday 25% off sale on Fuchsia Friday.  Everything in the shop except consignment items and Hapi Drums are on sale.

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