Super New Moon, Bracelet Healing Story & More!

We have some new gemstone chip bead necklaces and they are high quality ones.  We have garnet, tanzanite, sunstone, opal, hessonite garnet, mixed tourmaline. and more.   Come pick your favorite!
The tumbled stones on the left side are Azurite!  Can you believe it?  Azurite is a great 5th chakra (throat) stone.  But it is such a high vibration stone that it can relate to any of the higher chakras.
Next to those are 3 massage wands of garnet and tourmaline.  These are heavy duty stones for clearing out deep issues, especially from the 1st chakra.
We have a new supply of Fuchsite/Kyanite as described in our last Bracelet Bar story.  it is so gorgeous.  Fuchsite is for people who take on too much of the problems of others.  Kyanite is to strengthen the throat chakra so you can speak your truth.
These two Lapis Lazuli standups are a gorgeous blue. 
This week I noticed a woman standing near the back of the store and looking at the bracelet bar where Sharon was helping two young women pick out some bracelets.  I asked the woman if I could help her and she said she was waiting to get her turn at the Bracelet Prescription Bar.  She reads all the articles I write about it and wanted to try it herself.  We walked up to the bracelet bar to see what she needed.  She told me that she has fibromyalgia, anxiety, and feels she needs protection.  Her main problem is the pain from the fibromyalgia. I suggested Carnelian.  She put the bracelet on and after just a minute, she told me that the pain in her hand was gone and the pain in her elbow was lessening as was the pain in her shoulder.
In the meantime, a young woman joined us and said that she also suffers from Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic shock from being assaulted.  She wanted to try to Carnelian and when she put it on, she experienced the same pain relief as the first woman.  I had to wait on others and when I came back, the first woman had added a mixed tourmaline to her collection.  Since the Angelite did not work on her anxiety, the mixed tourmaline did . I offered her an amber bracelet and she said that it also helped relieve her pain.  I added a small millimeter black tourmaline bracelet to give her the protection she wanted.  She said it really helped and immediately exchanged it for a large sized bead.  The picture on the left showed her selection.
The young woman made her own combination of bracelets and was very excited that she was experiencing relief
If you have not tried our bracelet bar, what are you waiting for?  I have a fairly strong energy field, but when I was standing between those two women, I had to excuse myself and go sit down.  I felt terrible.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that I was not wearing anything for protection.  I got up and put 3 black tourmaline bracelets on my wrists and sat back down.  Within just a few minutes, I felt much better.


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