Sound Therapy & Aura Photos, Healing Stories & More!

Tune up your body, aura, and soul!
Enjoy a 15-minute healing session with Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo, including before and after Aura Photos with intuitive reading for just $60!
Our photo depicts Simone before (left) and after (right) she received a singing bowl session with Julie. Simone was in a rush when she came into the shop, as you can see by the bright yellow energy dominating the first picture.
After just a few minutes with Julie, we took the second photo. Look at the difference in Simone’s aura as the busy yellow is subdued and lighter colors emerge near her crown.
Experience vibrational sound healing and see the remarkable benefits for yourself with this special offer!
Come in or call Julie for an appointment today: 303-907-0634

Looking for the perfect addition to your crystal collection or healing practice? Check out our newest Tucson beauties!
Top Left: This unusual SMOKY CITRINE Crystal Skull has HUGE personality (and weighs over 15 pounds!). Bringing you the best of Smoky Quartz for clearing and recharging combined with the uplifting vibrancy of Citrine, you will love this energetic crystal companion for a lifetime. Protective and powerful, this skull will support you during times of change and any time you need a spiritual boost.
Top Right: Golden crystals cover this massive CITRINE geode, standing approximately 18 inches on included stand. Infuse your space with lasting harmony and joy. Citrine is a “Stone of Prosperity” that can help you welcome every kind of abundance into your life.
Bottom Left: High vibrations surge from this LEMURIAN QUARTZ standing point, a rare Channeling Crystal with a 7-sided face that magnifies its powerful, otherworldly vibrations. Lemurian Quartz bridges earth frequencies with the cosmos to positively amplify spiritual light, wisdom, and peace within you and in your environment.
Bottom Right: Awaken passion and intuition with the powerful combination of this Ruby and Blue Kyanite standing point. This unusual crystal will continually protect, cleanse, and positively charge your body.  Ruby Kyanite can positively transform your space with harmony, stability, and uplifting energies.
These NEW crystals are one-of-a-kind and available now!

REIKI Level I with Laurine Tonkin is this weekend! Only two spots remain for this hands-on training to begin your work as an energy healer ~ reserve your space today!
SUNDAY, March 3rd ~ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm in the Sacred Sanctuary at Ruby Dragon (Suite A).
Class Fee: $175
Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels - physically, emotionally & mentally bringing harmony and balance back into your whole being.
Reiki is also a spiritual path unto itself and a powerful vehicle for self- development. Receiving the attunement allows you to become more aware of your own energy and helps you to develop a strong intuition with clarity, creating a closer connection with your inner strength and spirit.
This Reiki I Class includes:
• Learning the hand positions for self-healing
• Meeting your Reiki Guides & Angels
• Receiving the Attunements
• Practice giving and receiving energy
• Reiki Principals & History
• Class binder and handouts
• Certification
• And much more
No prior experience is necessary for this class, everything you need to begin your journey will be provided.
For your comfort you may want to bring: water, journal, pen, snacks/lunch and comfy clothes.
Call or email Laurine with any questions and to reserve your space!
This week’s Prescription Bracelet Bar story continues with our long-distance customer who placed a custom online order with us.
During our message exchange, she asked what bracelets we would recommend for a friend who seemed introverted, quiet and sad.  She felt her friend was working through past trauma.
The woman explained she thought the bracelets would be a meaningful gift of support and that the energy from the stones might help her friend through a tough time.
We first suggested Shungite for her friend. Shungite is a physically grounding and emotionally stabilizing mineral. Shungite is thoroughly cleansing and recharging; it clears energetic blockages to restore balance and flow in the body. We felt Shungite would help the woman’s friend gently release old pain or attachments to the past while imparting feelings of safety and belonging.
We recommended the woman add Fluorite to the bracelet set as this crystal soothes emotions, alleviates nervous tension, and uplifts the spirit. Especially effective for anyone who experiences social anxiety, Fluorite inspires calm confidence and encourages self-expression.
Lastly, we recommended Green Aventurine for her friend. A whole-body healer, Aventurine is gentle yet persistent as it directs healing energy where needed. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually comforting, Aventurine relieves stress, heals old emotional wounds, promotes self-love, forgiveness, and a positive outlook on life.
The woman was very hopeful these bracelets would help her friend and she ordered all three. We hope she’ll keep us posted on her friend’s progress.
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has grown in popularity AND size. We have new bracelets in this week, so come on in!
Surrender to the flow with this week’s tranquil beauty, AQUAMARINE!
A modern Birthstone for March and Planetary stone for Pisces, Aquamarine a powerful yet gentle healer:
•Activates High Heart and Throat Chakras
•Encourages clear, heartfelt communication and actions
•Integrates spiritual wisdom in daily experiences
•Alleviates worry, fear, and anxiety
•Promotes gentleness with self and others
•Treats issues of the throat, thyroid, pituitary and liver
For introspective Pisces, Aquamarine resonates with their element of Water to balance moods and emotions. It heightens inspiration for this naturally creative sign and can help dreamy Pisces bring ideas into form.
We have an abundance of Aquamarine pieces, pendants, bracelets and more. Come in for special savings on Aquamarine as our Stone of the Week! You can also shop with us online at