Smudging Class, Messaging Mondays, Specials, and More!

At Ruby Dragon, we strive to serve the community and support your personal path of healing and growth.
We are constantly dreaming of ways in which we can be of assistance and make your experience with us ever better.
We’re inviting you to ‘Messaging Mondays’ on our Facebook Page and would love to receive your input!
Are you interested in learning more about a particular crystal or energy healing tip? Maybe you’d like to know how to use Rose Quartz for grief or Clear Quartz for intention work?
Send us a message on Monday and we’ll do our best to create a post that answers your questions. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please tell us and we will not use your name in the posted reply.
Whether you’re new to the world of crystals and healing, an expert in the field or simply curious, we want to hear from you!
We received our first Messaging Monday question earlier this week about the energetic difference between raw and polished crystals.
You can find our answer and read all about it on our website with the following link!
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Sharon Degnan is continuing her specials for the month of March on Crystal Ball and Tarot Readings!
Book an appointment or purchase a gift certificate in March and receive a 15-minute intuitive reading with Sharon for the special rate of $25!
Give the gift of loving guidance to yourself or someone special!
Call Sharon today: 805-503-0855
Tune up your body, aura, and soul!
Enjoy a 15-minute healing session with Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo, including before and after Aura Photos with intuitive reading for just $60!
Our photo depicts Simone before (left) and after (right) she received a singing bowl session with Julie. Simone was in a rush when she came into the shop, as you can see by the bright yellow energy dominating the first picture.
After just a few minutes with Julie, we took the second photo. Look at the difference in Simone’s aura as the busy yellow is subdued and lighter colors emerge near her crown.
Experience vibrational sound healing and see the remarkable benefits for yourself with this special offer!
Come in or call Julie for an appointment today: 303-907-0634
Crystal for Daylight Saving Time!
Spring forward into Daylight Saving Time this weekend!
Most of us love gaining back an hour of evening light…but how about the hour of sleep that vanishes as our clocks jump ahead?
There are crystals that can help you achieve restful sleep and promote waking up with plenty of energy.
SHUNGITE: Placing a piece of this marvelous mineral under your pillow or bed can deepen sleep cycles and alleviate insomnia. Grounding, centering, and cleansing, Shungite can assist in feeling refreshed any time of day.
AMETHYST: A piece of Amethyst in the bedroom can boost peaceful dreams and emits healing energies to soothe your body while you sleep. Note: Amethyst’s high vibrations may be too stimulating for light sleepers and should be placed further away from the bed at night.
BLACK TOURMALINE: Protective and calming, Tourmaline can help you fall asleep more quickly. It neutralizes scattered energy, restores flow in your body, and imparts deep relaxation.
ROSE QUARTZ: A sweet healer, Rose Quartz is perfect for energetically sensitive people. A piece under your pillow will nurture you with gentle vibrations while you sleep.
You can use these or any combination of soothing stones at bedtime and energizing crystals to help you greet the day.
Wishing you a restful and revitalizing weekend!

Join Sharon Degnan for a beautiful and empowering class that will help you positively transform your body and home.
Saturday, March 23rd from 6-7 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom. 
The Art and Sacred Science of Smudging will provide you with an introduction to the traditional art of smudging. Discover how to cleanse and create sacred space using sage, Palo Santo and other magical herbs.
In this class, you will learn:
•Preparing for Ceremony
•History and purposes of smudging
•Setting intentions with gratitude
•Clearing and releasing negative energy from objects and personal space
Students should bring an object they want blessed and cleansed.
Class Fee is just $25 if paid in cash. ($28/if paid by credit card)
Come in or call to reserve your spot: 805-772-1100.
Beautifully transform your energy with gorgeous, green MALACHITE! A potent healer, Malachite opens and restores your Heart Chakra with vibrant, uplifting vibrations.
Malachite is a versatile crystal ally to help you achieve improved well-being:
♥Removes energetic obstructions or imbalances
♥Promotes loving communication and empathy
♥Dissipates negative thoughts, attachments or resentments
♥Improves memory, focus, and brain functions
♥Relieves inflammation, pain, and symptoms of arthritis
♥Absorbs pollutants and impurities in environment or body
Malachite is wonderful for anyone working to transform old stories into beautiful new beginnings!
Come in this week for special savings on Malachite pieces, pendants, and stunning free forms!
You can also find Malachite in our online shop at ~ we ship!