Six of Wands Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot card with Penny Harrington is the Six of Wands from the Llewellyn Tarot Deck.
This is a happy card. a young blond man is riding a white horse that is clad with gold accessories. The man is wearing a red and black cape with leather shoulder epaulets and a silvery blue tunic. He is holding a long wand in his gloved right hand. The wand is wrapped by a laurel wreath representing victory and by a white streamer wound around the wand. There is another white streamer floating in the air above his head. He appears to be riding in procession. Many decks display people watching him ride past. He has likely won a victory of some type. Notice that there are no weapons. So his victory involves the energy of his suit-wands. Creativity, Energy, Activity. He may have won an athletic contest or something of that nature.
When the Six of Wands appears in your spread, it is a sign that you will receive public recognition for something related to that suit. You will be acknowledged and honored for your skill. Celebrate!

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