SALE! Healing Story, Animal Wisdom, Drums & Earth Day Classes & More!

Our Ruby Cleans Her Closet Sale is a fantastic event with special savings on crystals, merchandise, and more!
Sale begins Saturday, April 13th at 11:00 am!
All of us at Ruby Dragon are cleaning our closets at home, too! We will be bringing in metaphysical books, tarot and oracle decks, and other beautiful items we’re ready to pass along to you!
Enjoy 30-50% off select items ~ many priced under $5!
Come in next Saturday for best selection during this special sale event!

This week's Prescription Bracelet Bar story with Penny involves a woman who came into the shop and stood in front of our bracelet bar.  She was reading the description of all the bracelets and I walked over to help her.
I explained that the easiest way to use the bracelet bar is to choose a topic or two that you want to work on.  She said she was buying something to help a friend who has a lot of anxiety.  I normally suggest Angelite for anxiety, but when she put it on she did not feel anything.  (And yes, you can feel what your friend needs this way.)
Next, I suggested that she try Fluorite.  When she put that bracelet on, she immediately felt the relaxing qualities of Fluorite.  I explained that Fluorite not only helps stress and anxiety, but that is helps people communicate and work together better.  She then became excited and said that this woman was having a lot of trouble at work which was causing her the anxiety.
I commented that when people have a lot of anxiety, it is often because they feel unloved.  She smiled and softly replied that she knew that was the core issue.  I handed her a Rose Quartz bracelet.  As she held them both in her hands, she said that she knew it was the perfect match for her friend.  As she paid for the  bracelets, she said, “I will be back tomorrow and pick out some for myself.”
We are continuously adding new bracelets to give you a wider selection.  Come in and try them out!

TOMORROW is Spirit Animal Wisdom Class with Miley Cox!
Come for a powerful introduction to working with your spirit animals, animal medicine, and animal totems.
In this class, you will learn:
•What a spirit animal can teach you about your journey
•The benefits of having an animal guide in your spiritual practice
•How to meet your spirit animal through guided meditation
•Understand why one or more animal guides are with you
•How to use animal medicine in your daily life
•How to interpret messages from nature
SATURDAY, APRIL 6th from 1-3 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom
Class fee: $35
Join Justen Bear for a unique and powerful experience as you create your own Native Style Hand Drum.
THURSDAY / APRIL 18th / 5:30 – 8:30 pm / Ruby Dragon Classroom
All material are prepared and provided:
•Elk, Buffalo and Horse Hides
•Red Cedar Rims
•Willow and Buckskin Beaters
As we Craft these Drums, a Life Creation and Self Reflection Story will be shared.
Come laugh, pray, listen and create...
This is an experience of a lifetime.
Your Drum will become an extension of yourself... and a new Being in your Life!
Come and create a Drum with your Child, your Partner, or simply by yourself.
We will be working and sitting on the floor. Bring a towel, pillow, or cushion for your comfort, snacks and water.
Class size will accommodate 7 participants.
This valuable experience is provided for $333 per Drum.
Payment in full is due at time of registration (Non-refundable).
Call to reserve your space today: 805-772-1100.
You can also arrange payment with Justen directly:*
(*If you make a payment directly to Justen, please call the shop to confirm your information on our sign-up sheet so we can maintain an accurate count for the class).
Venmo- @Justen-Annunziato
FB Messenger cash- JustenBear
Join Sharon Degnan for a powerful Earth Day Crystal Grid Workshop!
Celebrate beautiful Mother Earth as you discover how to create beautiful, energetically charged crystal grids to help support you on the road to achieving your desires.
Monday April 22nd ~ 6 PM to 9 PM in the Ruby Dragon classroom.
You will learn how to choose the right crystals for your grid objectives, how to utilize the power of sacred geometry in grid designs, how to construct and activate your crystal grid for the manifestation of your intentions and much more.  
Class fee is $95 (cash) or $98 (credit card) which includes 1 Crystal Grid with a set of crystals and 1 Crystal Book to take home!
Class size will accommodate 10 students.
Call to reserve your space today: 805-772-1100. Preregistration requested by Thursday, April 18th.  Same day registration will be $120.
This week’s high-vibration beauty is HERKIMER DIAMOND, which is a gorgeous substitute for April’s primary birthstone of diamond…and it’s much more affordable!
A powerful and prismatic variety of quartz, Herkimer Diamond emits healing energies for optimal well-being:
♥Activates Crown & Soul Star Chakras
♥Heightens spiritual awareness and intuitive gifts
♥Promotes inner peace, clarity, and living with purpose
♥Improves harmony and communication in relationships
♥Alleviates physical tension and clears energy blockages
♥Aids in release work and completion of karmic lessons
♥Works powerfully with other crystals to enhance healing energies
We have stunning Herkimer Diamonds in the shop that will make meaningful April birthday gifts, and pick one up for yourself with special savings as our Stone of the Week!

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