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We have a special deal for kids under 16.  They can fill up a bag with stones from the display.  A small bag is $5 and a large bag is $10.  Let them have fun choosing their own rocks.
This ceramic Buddha is often called the Peace Buddha.  He is actually a teaching Buddha.
So many new pendants In the shop.  These are Vesuvianite which was originally found on Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.  Beautiful green and long pendants.
This necklace is Apophylite with the chakra stones.

We are all about Quan Yin this week.  She is the Goddess of Compassion in many Asian cultures and is becoming more popular here.  The top left photo is a large stone statue that can be used inside or outside.
The top right is a serene Quan Yin with a candle holder behind her for tea lites or for our wonderfaul chakra pillars.
The bottom two photos are of traveling altars.  They fold up.  They are resin.  One shows Quan Yin standing and the other shows her sitting.

A young man came into the shop with a big brace on his neck.  He had been in a car accident.  I suggested that he hold a piece of Red Tanzurine at the top of his brace.  He immediately felt the tingling from the stone.  I suggested he use it every evening to help speed up his healing. 
This stone is a Power healer.  It radiates a penetrating frequency to move blockages.  It is especially helpful for pain in muscles, nerves, tendons, back and spine. It improves circulation.
We also carry this stone in bracelet form.

$20 for 15 minutes
July 14, 10am-4pm
Join us for our semi-annual Psychic Faire!  We will be offering Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Aura Camera photos and readings, astrology readings and more.  Find out what is coming up for you!
Choose your favorite reader or try a few new ones.
Laurine Tonkin - Intuitive Reader
Montgomery Norton - Astrologer
Sabrina Lovell - Tarot Reader
Simone Laurent - Tarot & Oracle card Reader
Sharon Degnan - Aura Reader
Vicki Lynn Butler- Spiritual Medium & Reader

with Jamie Dubin
JULY 18  6 :30 PM-8:00PM
$20 for early registration or $25 at the door.
Together we explore expanded states of consciousness using healing pranayama breathwork and sonic vibrations from the chakra-tuned crystal quartz sound bowls! We will start with an intention circle to manifest what we would like to bring into our practice. A guided meditation will help us relax deeply into the breathwork that will be enhanced by the sound bath using vibrational crystal bowls and array of other ancient sacred instruments. This will help restore, refresh, and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul while experiencing bliss, inner-peace, deep relaxation, and a profound transformation.
Sound healing and breathwork may have the following benefits:
💚Induce states of peace, bliss, and ecstasy
💙Purge what no longer serves you
💚Strengthen your immune system
💙Alleviate pain, depression, stress, and anxiety
💚Explore expanded states of consciousness
💙Improve circulation and blood pressure
Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and small pillow or towel to lay under your head. Bring whatever you need to make a cozy nest for yourself! You may also bring crystals so that they may be infused by the sound bath.
$20 Presales
$25 at the Door
You may reserve your Presale spot beforehand by calling Ruby Dragon at 805 772 1100 or with Venmo or Paypal.
Venmo: Jamie-Dubin
** Please select "friends and family" and do not hit the "Add purchase protection" box for PayPal as it may incur fees.
Let's Talk: An interactive presentation for parents, children and teens
Fri. July 20, 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Fee: $20
by Lucia Capacchione PhD, ATR, REAT
Bestselling Author
The Creative Journal for Parents, The Creative Journal for Teens and The Creative Journal for Children
Art Therapist and Former Montessori trained Head Start Director and Parent Effectiveness Instructor
Bullying has become an epidemic in our schools and our society. Bullying comes in many forms, such as blaming, shaming and name-calling as well as physical violence. Children and adolescents are frequently bullied, but so are parents. These bullies may come in the form of teachers, administrators, professionals, peers or any others who put others down. We have the ability to stop this pattern and take our power back.
In this interactive presentation, Dr. Lucia will help families identify bullying in all its forms and what to do about it.
Through dialogues and role-plays, she will demonstrate effective tools for dealing with bullies at any age and stage of life.
These tools include Sending "I messages" (speaking up about how you are effected by the behavior of others) and Active Listening (really hearing what others are saying). These tools work for parents who feel they are being bullied by administrators, teachers and other adults as well as children and teens being bullied by their peers or adults. We will include a discussion of cyber-bullying.
Let's Talk Some More: A workshop for parents, children and teens
Sat. July 21, 10 AM to 4 PM
Fee: $50 adults, $25 children
by Lucia Capacchione PhD, ATR, REAT
Bullying behavior - shaming, blaming or hurting others to make them feel bad - is not acceptable and should never be tolerated. In this interactive workshop, parents, children and teens will be guided in how to deal with bullying. First we will identify the bully within (crippling self-criticism) and learn to deal with it so that outer bullies cannot gain power over us. Through role playing we will practice communication skills for dealing with outer bullies. These skills include Sending "I messages" (speaking up about how you are effected by the behavior of others) and Active Listening (really hearing what others are saying). Creative Problem Solving skills for improving relationships will be included.
Come learn how to take your power back in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.
2nd & 4th Wednesdays / 6:30-8:30pm / $20 each / classroom / with Mary Hiestand, ATP®
The Angel Healing Circle at Ruby Dragon, is a peaceful time designed to help you relax, meditate, and connect to your Angels. Come and experience the love and healing power of the Angels. Through meditation we will connect to the non-denominational energy of the Angels to receive personal healing and wisdom. You will also receive a personal mini Angel Oracle Card Reading by Mary. The Angels love sharing their uplifting messages and will bless you with abundance, harmony and joy. Come as you are, bring a friend, meet new people, and experience the powerful energy of the Angels.

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