Psychic Faire, Big News & Healing Story

Happy New Year!
We are making some major changes for 2019.  We are adding additional healers and readers.  We are getting ready to do some major redecoration of our space, including the hallway and outside signage. 
Our new logo of a Ruby Dragon stepping into her power (drawn by my darling granddaughter who is stepping into her own power) will be appearing on all of our online sites and that means I need to order new business cards!
All of us at Ruby Dragon send our wishes to you for a peaceful year filled with happiness and love.
Gorgeous green Bowenite is Miley Cox's Crystal Pick for the New Year!
Miley chose Bowenite because it a “Stone of the Warrior” that promotes heart-centered courage and resilience.
Simone Laurent selected enlightening Elestial Quartz as her crystal for 2019 as it encourages spiritual insight and transformation.
In their natural state, Elestial crystals grow with stair-like terminations, which remind you that a new journey begins with a single step.
Read more about BOWENITE and ELESTIAL QUARTZ along with all of our Ruby Dragon staff picks of crystals for the New Year in this week's edition of Rock Talk right here on our site with the link below!
Ruby Dragon's Annual New Year’s Psychic Faire has something for everyone!
SATURDAY, JANUARY 19th from 10 am - 4 pm
Do you want to know what gifts 2019 is bringing to you? What is unfolding in your soul's journey? Are you ready to invite in new experiences with empowered intentions?
Join in the divination celebration at Ruby Dragon to gain insight on your path from a variety of our amazing readers. We will be offering tarot, oracle and other intuitive readings all day.
Our Psychic Faire Readers:
Simone Laurent – Tarot readings
Laurine Tonkin– Intuitive & Oracle readings
Sharon Degnan – Dowsing & Crystal readings
Miley Cox – Crystal Ball readings
Grace Collins – Aura Camera readings
Sabrina Lovell - Tarot readings
Amanda Smith – Oracle readings
Only $20 for 15-minute readings.
This week’s radiant beauty is also the Primary Birthstone for January—gorgeous GARNET!
Garnet is a powerful Root and Heart Chakra Stone with many benefits for your body and soul:
•Stimulates Kundalini (Life Force) Energy for vitality, passion, and motivation
•Stabilizes emotions, moods, and thoughts
•Promotes love, compassion, and forgiveness
•Alleviates fear, self-sabotage, or limitation
•Dissipates negativity, trauma, and heartache
•Inspires openness to receive abundance and success
Garnet will make a beautiful gift for January birthdays or just for you—we have bracelets, pendants, and more. Come in for special savings on all Garnet as our Stone of the Week!

 This week’s crystal healing story involves a topic that affects millions of people worldwide, anxiety and agoraphobia.
Anxiety has many causes from stress to genetics, with symptoms that interfere with quality of life including physical, emotional, and mental anguish.
Agoraphobia is a type of social anxiety that occurs in public settings or anywhere outside of the home. Panic attacks with shortness of breath, chest pain, and crippling fear often accompany agoraphobia. This condition can be a terrifying and lonely experience.
A long-time client of ours phoned Penny this past week, stating she has been suffering from both anxiety and agoraphobia for months. The woman asked Penny what crystals or stones might help alleviate some of her symptoms.
Penny recommended an Angelite bracelet to help with anxiety. Angelite is a gentle, heavenly stone that lifts the spirit and soothes emotions.
Angelite’s high vibrations relieve stress, anxiety and tension. It can also help with insomnia and alleviate melancholy. It encourages self-love and offers nurturing support during difficult times.
The other crystals Penny suggested were Rose Quartz for self-nurturing love and Black Tourmaline for grounding and a sense of safety.
The woman said she would order the Angelite and Rose Quartz bracelets, and Penny included a piece of Black Tourmaline in the package to put in her pocket.
Penny also asked if the woman if she has a strong support system. The woman said her family is helping her cope.
We mailed off the care package and hope our dear customer begins feeling better soon.
While crystals and stones lend healing energies for a wide variety of concerns, medical assistance or counseling should be considered to help remedy the underlying causes of severe anxiety, agoraphobia, and emotional needs. There is help available.
Many people perceive a societal stigma around anxiety, and agoraphobia remains a misunderstood or misdiagnosed anxiety disorder. Those who have experienced anxiety or agoraphobia know what it’s like to feel embarrassed, alone, and even trapped by the disabling symptoms.
Anxiety and agoraphobia are more common than you might think, and it is important to educate ourselves and others about these potentially debilitating conditions.
It takes time, understanding, and compassion to triumph over anxiety in its many forms.  If you or someone you love may be suffering with anxiety, start a dialogue and either offer or ask for support.
The following links provide additional information, statistics and resources about anxiety and agoraphobia.

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