NEW Tucson Treasures, Healing Stories, Reiki Class & More!

WOO-HOO! New crystals are in from the TUCSON GEM SHOW!
We brought back a beautiful bounty of gemstones and minerals from around the globe.
What’s new?
•African Statues •Agate Lamps •Amazonite •Apatite •Azurite •Black Tourmaline •Blue Kyanite •Bowenite •Calcite •Carnelian •Charoite •Chrysocolla •Chrysoprase •Citrine •Cobaltian Calcite •Emerald •Eudialyte •Fuchsite with Garnet •Garnet •Jade •Labradorite •Lapis Lazuli •Larimar •Lemurian Quartz •Lepidolite •Libyan Gold Tektite •Mangano Calcite •Moldavite •Moonstone •Polychrome Jasper •Pyrite •Rhodonite •Rose Quartz •Ruby Kyanite •Selenite •Singing Bowls •Smoky Quartz •Sunset Sodalite •Tanzanite …..and MORE!
Stay tuned to see all of the NEW beauties now available in the shop ~ and come on in for best selection!!
Due to popular demand for REIKI Level I with Laurine Tonkin, she is offering a second class for this hands-on training to become a Reiki Healer!
SUNDAY, March 3rd ~ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm in the Sacred Sanctuary at Ruby Dragon (Suite A).
Class Fee: $175
Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels - physically, emotionally & mentally bringing harmony and balance back into your whole being.
Reiki is also a spiritual path unto itself and a powerful vehicle for self- development. Receiving the attunement allows you to become more aware of your own energy and helps you to develop a strong intuition with clarity, creating a closer connection with your inner strength and spirit.
This Reiki I Class includes:
• Learning the hand positions for self-healing
• Meeting your Reiki Guides & Angels
• Receiving the Attunements
• Practice giving and receiving energy
• Reiki Principals & History
• Class binder and handouts
• Certification
• And much more
No prior experience is necessary for this class, everything you need to begin your journey will be provided.
For your comfort you may want to bring: water, journal, pen, snacks/lunch and comfy clothes.
Call or email Laurine with any questions and to reserve your space!
This week’s Prescription Bracelet Bar story involves a very sweet long-distance customer who shops with us in our online store. She messaged us to ask which bracelets we would recommend for starting a new job.
We asked what kind of energy she wanted from the crystals. She replied that she wanted calm and supportive energies as she begins work with special needs children soon.
The woman already knew she wanted Tiger Eye for grounding and protection. Because we’ve corresponded with her in the past, we believe she is very empathic and takes on the stress or feelings of others. Tiger Eye made perfect sense for her, as it creates a golden shield of protection and connects with stabilizing earth frequencies. 
We recommended Rose Quartz for nurturing support. Rose Quartz imparts gentle and loving frequencies into the Heart Chakra. Wearing Rose Quartz calms emotions and soothes stress or anxiety. It encourages heart-centered communication and promotes harmony with others.
We felt Fluorite would also be effective for a classroom environment. Fluorite inspires focus, cooperation, and collaboration. Wearing Fluorite aligns the Heart, Throat, Third Eye AND Crown Chakras which can help teachers provide loving, clear, and creative instruction to their students. It is also a wonderful stone for calm communication in any circumstance.
The woman was delighted with the combination of bracelets. We created a custom listing for her on our website so she could receive just what she needs.
This woman is so caring when it comes to others, she also ordered a different set of bracelets for someone she wants to help through a difficult time. We will be sharing that story next week.
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has something for everyone ~ come in and let us help you find your perfect match.
You can also shop with us online right here!

This is the last week of our February Specials with healing and intuitive offerings from our talented practitioners!
♥Laurine Tonkin is offering a 1-hour healing Sessions for $155 that includes a 15-minute intuitively Channeled Goddess Reading. Call Laurine: 805-801-7002.
♥ Julie Donahoo is offering a 90-minute Vibrational Sound Therapy session for just $110! Call Julie: 303-907-0634.
♥Amanda Smith is offering a 1-hour Oracle Reading with her stunning deck, Gaia's Guidance for just $100!  Call Amanda: 805-235-0666.
♥Sharon Degnan is offering 15-minute Crystal Ball or Tarot Love Readings for just $25! Call Sharon: 805-503-0855
♥Miley is offering a 30-minute Relationship Reading for $60 or a 30-minute Heart Chakra Healing Session for $70. A 1-hour reading & healing session is $105. Call Miley: 805-904-3213.
♥Couples Aura Photo & Intuitive Reading for just $25 ~ no appointment necessary!
You can call to schedule an appointment or come in for gift certificates for any of these specials today!
A rare and otherworldly powerhouse, MOLDAVITE is a 14-million-year-old tektite and a high-vibration stone of transformation!
Wearing or working with Moldavite imparts mystical frequencies to create significant shifts in your awareness and your life:
♦Activates Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras
♦Imparts cosmic wisdom and spiritual truth
♦Dissipates blockages or negative attachments
♦Heightens self-discovery and psychic gifts
♦Deepens meditative and altered states of consciousness
♦Promotes empowered and lasting change
Moldavite is incredibly intense. Anyone choosing Moldavite must be prepared for the profound experiences this tektite delivers!
Come in this week and feel the unique energies of Moldavite for yourself ~ it just might be your new favorite crystal ally!

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