New Trilobite Fossil, Tarot, Full Moon, Medicine Wheel & More!


Wooden Tarot Keychains are back by popular demand!
We have an amazing assortment of the Rider Waite Major Arcana cards colorfully depicted on natural wood. 
Choose your favorite from the Fool to the World! 

NEW Mortar & Pestle pieces are available now!
You can use these tools for grinding spices, making herbal medicine, aromatherapy and more!

NEW Gemstone Pyramids are wonderful energy generators!
Pyramids absorb lower or stagnant vibrations through the base to cleanse, transmute and disperse these through the pointed apex. 
Conversely, Pyramids draw light frequencies in through the top and channel them out of the base and into your space!
These 1" Gemstone Pyramids are available in Amazonite, Infinite, Sodalite, Striped Onyx, Elephant Skin Jasper and more!

Come in soon for best selection on these and other incredible new products available now!


We are featuring a special TRILOBITE Fossil Specimen from Penny’s personal collection!

Trilobites once dwelled in the ocean 240-540 million years ago. Measuring 18” long x 12” wide x 2” deep, this striking Trilobite is an unusually large form of arthropod called Paradoxides harlani. 

♦Trilobites were the first life form with complex eyes and are the distant relatives of modern lobsters, crabs, and spiders.
♦Following extinction at the end of the Paleozoic Age, seafloor sediments encased the exoskeletons to fossilize these forms through silicification.
♦The extraordinary detail of this Trilobite is natural, and the surrounding limestone matrix was carefully carved away to reveal its ancient beauty.

♥Trilobite fossils are believed to help you through transition, transformation, and growth.
♥They have been cherished for centuries as talismans of protection and longevity.
♥Drawing from the adaptability of this sea-dwelling creature that generated new shells to accommodate its growth, Trilobite can assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and embracing your potential.
♥Trilobite energy can encourage leadership and openness to change.
♥Connected with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the elements of Storm and Earth, working with a Trilobite promotes stability, confidence, inspiration, and creative vision.
♥The presence of a Trilobite in your home or office can foster harmony, teamwork, and support.

This unique specimen is a collector’s dream, and there is only one like it! You can find this Trilobite in the shop and online: now!



Treat yourself to a transcendent experience with Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo!

SUNDAY FOR THE SOUL is your invitation to relax and replenish during a meditative Himalayan Sound Bath as healing sound waves wash over you.

Sunday, September 8th, from 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

This special offering is just $20 ~ bring a friend!

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, or cushion for your comfort!

You can learn more about the healing benefits of Vibrational Sound Therapy on our Facebook Events Page!
Call Julie to reserve your space: 303-907-0634 or register online at the following link:

**Pre-registration required to ensure comfortable space for all participants!

Introducing a September Special with you in mind!

Fall in love with the New Thursday Evening Tarot Readings at Ruby Dragon with Andrea Bradford and Sharon Degnan! 

Thursday evening, September 12th from 6 to 7:30 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

Let the wisdom of the cards reveal energetic secrets, direct you to hidden truths, rediscover the dreams heaven sent you to this earth for and illuminate surprising answers to your deepest questions. 

These exclusive 15-minute evening tarot readings are just $35! 

Walk ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged. 805.772.1100

Join Laurine Tonkin for a beautiful ceremony under the September Full Harvest Moon!

Thursday, September 12th ~ 7pm - 9pm
Top Dog Coffee House (in the back garden)
857 Main Street ~ Morro Bay, CA

This Full Moon Fire Ceremony will be held in the garden under moonlight & candlelight and you will be guided in creating intentions, setting goals, releasing and manifesting.

The purpose of this gathering is to be with like-minded individuals in a Sacred Space. To learn, share, love and grow spiritually while creating the life you desire.

We will open our ceremony with a brief introduction then a guided meditation. A channeled message of our current global energies will assist you with your written release of what no longer serves you to place in our sacred fire, you can then intend what it is that you wish to manifest and experience in your life.

Laurine is an Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Channel and loves to incorporate many different healing modalities, oracle tools and teaching techniques. This space is dedicated to teaching, learning, growing and sharing in LOVE. Please come in Love & Light and with an open heart.

This Ceremony is open to men and women and no prior experience is necessary.
Laurine is available at Ruby Dragon for Intuitive Readings, Healing Sessions and monthly Teachings.

Take your Reiki practice to the next level in this Reiki II workshop with Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Channel Laurine Tonkin.

Sunday, September 22nd from 9 am - 4:30 pm in Suite A (Sacred Sanctuary) of Ruby Dragon.

While the focus of Reiki I is on self-healing, Reiki II will take you further into this healing modality teaching you distance healing, how to work with clients, integrate crystals and other techniques to enhance Reiki and how to use the Sacred Symbols to direct and boost your Reiki Energy.

Reiki II workshop will cover the following
*A review of Reiki Level One
*Receive your Reiki II Attunement & Certificate
*Receive the Sacred Reiki Symbols and how to use them
*Learn distance healing across time and space
*Further develop your intuitive skills
*Form a stronger connection to your Reiki Angels & Guides
*Learn advanced Reiki & Healing techniques
*Work with Crystals, Aura Scanning, Chakras & more

This workshop is open to all Reiki I students whether you have trained with Laurine or received your Reiki I Certification from another teacher; you are welcome to attend this class.

Class Fee: $175

You can register online:


This beautiful workshop with Simone Laurent and Krista Rooney will introduce you to the Peruvian Medicine Wheel for healing and transformation.

Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, 2019, in the Ruby Dragon Classroom from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Take a journey with us as we honor the old ways of existing in right relationship within ourselves and the sacred world around us.

The teachings of the Medicine Wheel incorporate the powerful aspects of our paths in this lifetime, healing the emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies in each direction, integrating the archetypes into everyday life, and shifting awareness into awakening of the spirit.

In the immersive two-day Medicine Wheel class, you will learn:
♦Creating Traditional Sacred Space
♦Aspects & Archetypes of the 7 directions
♦Powerful Release & Empowerment Exercises
♦Self-Healing Techniques of each direction
♦Tools for Personal and Spiritual Expansion
♦Meditations, Guided Journeys, and more.

$250 preregistration required ~ 10 Participants ~ Call 805-772-1100 to reserve your space today!

Dear Participants:
**You will need a notebook, pen/pencil for these classes. You can also bring a cushion, blanket or pillow for your comfort. Lunch break will be 30 minutes and you are encouraged to bring your food, snacks, and water with you to class.**