New Oracle Decks, Psychic Faire, Sound Bath, Pendulum Class & More!


Ruby Dragon's PSYCHIC FAIRE is next weekend!

 Saturday July 27th, from 10 am - 4 pm!

Our talented staff will be offering tarot, oracle, crystal ball, aura, sound healing, and other intuitive sessions all day!

Only $20 for 15 minute readings ~ No appointment needed!

♦Laurine Tonkin - Intuitive and Oracle Card Reader

♦Amanda Smith – Oracle Card and Intuitive Reader

♦Simone Laurent – Tarot and Intuitive Reader

♦Sharon Degnan ~ Crystal Ball and Tarot Reader

♦Grace Collins ~ Aura Photos and Intuitive Reader

♦Andrea Bradford ~ Tarot and Intuitive Reader

♦Julie Donahoo~ Sound Healing Grounding Sessions

Jackie Nattrass and Paulina Trockman will be working the shop, helping you find crystals, jewelry, and more! 

Join in the Divination Celebration at Ruby Dragon!

For More Information, call 805-772-1100 or visit and our Events Page on Facebook!


Come explore our brand-new selection of beautiful oracle decks!

The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle invites you to explore the world of dream symbolism as a portal to self-understanding and inspiration. Awaken the hero within and unlock the hidden insights of your dreams!

Sacred Earth Oracle celebrates our planet as a celebration of creativity, innovation, persistence and diversity. Commune with the timeless wisdom and wonder of Mother Earth for practical and spiritual guidance!

The Secret Language of Light ~ Transmissions from Your Soul Oracleworks with the mysteries and secrets of the light to illuminate your rich possibility and inner potential. The language of light speaks to eternity, to life, and to you!

Messages from the Light Meditation Deck delivers inspirational messages from the light that help illuminate ordinary things in life with fresh, new insights. The deck can help you develop gratitude and intention as it guides you toward centering, abundance and transformation!

We have these and other oracle decks available in the shop now!



Sunday for the Soul with Julie Donahoo!

Come for a beautiful and meditative Himalayan Sound Bath on Sunday, July 21st from 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

Sunday for the Soul is your invitation to relax, replenish, and recharge as transcendent sound waves wash over you.

The healing benefits of singing bowls and sound include:
♦Restores flow and life force in the body
♦Cleanses energetic and emotional blockages
♦Balances both hemispheres of the brain
♦Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety
♦Heightens psychic awareness and intuition
♦Deepens meditation and sleep
♦Unlocks creativity, joy, and inspiration

Gift your spirit a transformative and uplifting experience as you celebrate Sunday for the Soul! This Sound Bath is just $20 ~ bring a friend!

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, or cushion for your comfort! This event will accommodate 10 participants.

Call to reserve your space today: 805-772-1100 or register online at the following link:

**Pre-registration required to ensure ample room for all participants!

Join Sharon Degnan for a hands-on Pendulum Workshop where you will learn this powerful divination practice!

Saturday, August 3rd from 6- 7 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

A pendulum is a powerful and practical tool. With a little bit of instruction and some practice, anyone can add this fun and magical skill to their repertoire. 

Come take a journey of discovery as we learn the tips and tricks of using the pendulum to locate lost objects, gain intuitive insight on decisions, and explore self-improvement through pendulum divination. 

Class fee is just $25. 
Call to reserve your space: 805-772-1100



A sweet member of the Moonstone family and “Stone of Inner Light,” PEACH MOONSTONE emits reflective, introspective energy to help you discover the hidden truths of your soul path. 

Working with or wearing Peach Moonstone activates your Sacral and Crown Chakras with harmonious vibrations:

♥Heightens spiritual clarity and psychic visioning
♥Promotes courage and resilience to embrace change
♥Releases stuck emotions, worry or limiting beliefs
♥Imparts patience and compassionate communication
♥Strengthens self-esteem and confidence
♥Alleviates menstrual symptoms like pain or moodiness

We have brilliant Peach Moonstone pieces, palm stones, AND Prescription Bracelets available in the shop and online at!

We are going to be OPEN on Mondays ALL Summer!

Now, you have 7 DAYS a week to shop at Ruby Dragon!

Come check out our newest crystals, books, decks, musical instruments, ceremonial items, statues and more.

Shop hours Monday-Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm ~ see you here!

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