New Gemstone Jewelry & Products, Earth Day, Auras, Reiki & More!

New Prescription Bracelets for our Bracelet Bar are perfect to wear your healing on the go!
Some of the new bracelets include:
4mm Dumortierite, Lepidolite, Garnet, Sunstone, Golden Rutile, Purple Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate and many more.
Free Form Shungite, Morganite, Unakite, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and more.
New Gemstone Pendants set in Sterling Silver will make beautiful AND powerful additions to your jewelry collection.
Pictured pendants are Chrysocolla with Citrine, Shattuckite, and Spectrolite (purple flash) Labradorite.
Our pendant case is filled with new beauties you have to come see in person!
Top Left: We fell in love with these new essential oil inhalers! Perfect for a purse or pocket, you can treat yourself to natural healing relief wherever you go.
Choose from Tension Tamer, Wake-up Call, Immune Aid, Munchie Stop, and a must-have for this time of year...Allergy Relief!
Top Right:  Fun, new instruments will have the whole family making beautiful music together. Tamborine, hand drum, egg shaker, and tingsha symbols are perfect for ceremony, energy healing, and entertaining the kids!
Bottom Left: A Dolphin Singing Bowl is unlike any other. This handcrafted Nepalese bowl is filled with water prior to playing. A unique tone is created that penetrates deep into the body and soul for healing, release, and transcendence. A the bowl is played, the water dances! Add a little Rose or Lavender oil, and it becomes a blessing bowl.
Bottom Right:  Adorn your home or garden with a sweet Angel statue. This little cherub is the perfect addition to any sanctuary space!
This week’s Prescription Bracelet Bar story involves a young woman who visited the shop looking for stones to help her move through grief. She went immediately to the Bracelet Bar and began reading the descriptions of various gemstones we have available to wear.
We talked with her a bit about her intention, and she stated she was feeling stuck in the grief process. She had already picked up an Aquamarine bracelet, which is an excellent choice for gentle release of blocked emotions.
Aquamarine works with the High Heart Chakra to integrate uplifting vibrations into the physical, mental and emotional body. Aquamarine encourages self-expression, which is helpful for people to vocalize their feelings and thoughts in a period of grief or sadness.
We suggested she try a Sunstone bracelet, too. Sunstone imparts joyful frequencies and lifts the spirit. As a cleansing crystal, Sunstone clears stuck energies and rebalances emotions. It boosts a sense of vitality and strength which can feel depleted when a person is grieving the loss of a loved one.
The woman also picked a green Chinese Jade bracelet, which resonates with the Heart Chakra to clear and heal this energy center. A gentle variety of Serpentine, Chinese Jade soothes emotions with tranquil and harmonious vibrations. It can assist in releasing sorrow and restoring inner peace.
She loved the combination of Aquamarine, Sunstone, and Jade together and purchased all three braceletts. The woman thanked us for having the Bracelet Bar in the shop and said she had traveled to Morro Bay just to visit us for this reason.
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has something for everyone. Come in and let our caring staff help you find the perfect bracelet for your unique healing needs.

Join Sharon Degnan for a powerful Earth Day Crystal Grid Workshop!
Celebrate beautiful Mother Earth as you discover how to create beautiful, energetically charged crystal grids to help support you on the road to achieving your desires.
Monday April 22nd ~ 6 PM to 9 PM in the Ruby Dragon classroom.
You will learn how to choose the right crystals for your grid objectives, how to utilize the power of sacred geometry in grid designs, how to construct and activate your crystal grid for the manifestation of your intentions and much more.  
Class fee is $95 (cash) or $98 (credit card) which includes 1 Crystal Grid with a set of crystals and 1 Crystal Book to take home!
Class size will accommodate 10 students.
Call to reserve your space today: 805-772-1100. Preregistration requested.  Same day registration will be $120.
Join Sharon Degnan for a beautiful and experiential Aura Class!
Saturday, April 27, 6-7 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.
An aura can be defined as a beautiful energetic field of light that emanates from every living thing.
In this class you will:
•Learn techniques to help you see, measure and feel this amazing energy
•Learn what information the different aura colors reveal
•Discover which crystals can be used to use to strengthen and protect your aura
•Use divining rods to measure your energy field
•Receive an aura photo to keep!
Class fee is just $35.  Call to reserve your space today! 805-772-1100

Take your Reiki practice to the next level in this Reiki II workshop with Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Channel Laurine Tonkin.
While the focus of Reiki I is on self-healing, Reiki II will take you further into this healing modality teaching you distance healing, how to work with clients, integrate crystals and other techniques to enhance Reiki and how to use the Sacred Symbols to direct and boost your Reiki Energy.
Reiki II workshop will cover the following
*A review of Reiki Level One
*Receive your Reiki II Attunement & Certificate
*Receive the Sacred Reiki Symbols and how to use them
*Learn distance healing across time and space
*Further develop your intuitive skills
*Form a stronger connection to your Reiki Angels & Guides
*Learn advanced Reiki & Healing techniques
*Work with Crystals, Aura Scanning, Chakras & more
This workshop is open to all Reiki I students whether you have trained with Laurine or received your Reiki I Certification from another teacher; you are welcome to attend this class.
For your comfort you may want to bring: water, journal, pen, snacks/lunch and comfy clothes.
875 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA
in the Sacred Sanctuary at Ruby Dragon (Suite A).
Class Fee: $175
Call Laurine today!
(805) 801-7002
The Healing Power of Your Other Hand is a very special workshop with Lucia Capacchione, PhD, Art therapist and best-selling author.
In this workshop, you will learn:
•Unlocking creativity and inner wisdom for healing and living the life of your dreams
•Accessing your right brain through your non-dominant hand
•Stress-busting activities including spontaneous art and journaling from the Playful and Creative Child within
•Giving a voice to intuition and inner guidance for resolving conflicts and finding your life's direction
•Letting your left brain know what your right brain feels and wants
•How to relieve anxiety and self-doubt by liberating yourself from the tyranny of your perfectionist Inner Bully,
Through dual-handed scribbling activities, followed by written dialogues, connect your brain hemispheres for whole-brain living. These simple methods can be applied to stress reduction, physical healing, Inner Child and trauma work, and finding spiritual guidance within. Be prepared for fun through coloring and writing in a relaxing, supportive environment.
Talent or training in art or writing not required. Art supplies included. Please bring a notebook or journal.
Workshop: May 11 at Ruby Dragon, 10 - 1 PM (followed by a book signing at 1 PM)
Fee: $50 (includes art materials) ~ Call and reserve your space! 805-772-1100
Prosperity and vitality flow from this week’s "Stone of Renewal," GREEN CALCITE!
Perfect for Good Friday and the renewing energies of Spring, Green Calcite encourages heightened awareness of the divine perfection in all things and people.
Working with Green Calcite benefits body, mind, and spirit:
♦Opens Heart Chakra and restores emotional balance
♦Nurtures your soul and inspires personal growth
♦Renews spiritual harmony and dissolves stagnant beliefs or patterns
♦Attracts prosperity and promotes generosity
♦Boosts clarity and focused intentions
♦Cleanses your aura, circulatory and nervous systems
As a marvelous manifestation tool, placing coins around a piece of Calcite with the intention to both give and receive can align us with abundance in every area of our lives.
Come in and add vibrant Green Calcite to your crystal collection as our Stone of the Week!