NEW Essential Oils & Crystal Skulls; Halloween Fun & Specials; New Classes & More!


NEW Diffuser Essential Oil Blends!
♦Incomparable and Intense 100% pure essential oil synergy blends.♦

Each individual oil enhances and improves the performance of the other oils in the blend. They are sure to lift your spirits, soothe your body and help heal your soul.

Unlike other oils on the market, these blends come in full 1-ounce bottles~ twice the size at a beautiful price!

We have a HUGE selection of oils to match your every healing need!

Some of our featured oils include: 

♦Self Defense
An exceptionally strong diffuser blend for cold and flu season.
♦Come To Me
Sultry and sexy. Classic romantic scent lowers defenses, focuses libido.
Quickly helps ease issues associated with headache pain.
♦High Energy
A quick energy boost anytime your strength or spirits start to sag.
Profound aroma helps center the inner self and free one's mind.
♦Memory Helper
Helpful with studying or memorizing and other difficult mental tasks.
♦Pleasant Dreams
Helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. Wake up refreshed and alert.
Breathe Easy. Nasal - Bronchial.
Discover what you really want spiritually rather materialistically.
♦Tension Reliever
Helps relieve tensions known to be a contributing factor in many levels of dysfunction.

Come on in and find your favorite new essential oil! 

HALLOWEEN means trick-or-treating in downtown Morro Bay!

Bring your little ones into Ruby Dragon for a special treat—FREE STONES!! (We will also have candy!)

We want to see your costumes and share in the delight of this spooky-good holiday with you!

Local merchants will be handing out candy, and there will be contests, too! We look forward to seeing your monsters, princesses, superheroes, and everything in between!

See you here for all the Halloween fun!


In celebration of Dia de los Muertos and Halloween, Andrea Bradford is offering a fabulous special!
The veil is thin between worlds on Halloween and Dia de lo Muertos, making it a perfect time to receive messages in a tarot reading.
Do YOU want to know what the cards will reveal?
Come in for a regularly priced Tarot Reading on October 31st and you will receive a bonus Crystal Chakra Reading for FREE!
(Crystal Chakra Reading is valued at $35!)
Call Andrea to schedule your appointment: 805-440-2923



Celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Halloween AND Samhain with an Intuitive Reading!
From October 30th through November 1st, Laurine Tonkin is offering a special discount on 1-hour Intuitive Readings.
Connect with departed loved ones, your guides and angels during a nurturing and insightful session.
Laurine will also channel divine wisdom to help you thrive during Mercury Retrograde…which begins again on October 31st!
Book your appointment now or come into the shop between October 30th and November 1st!
Call Laurine today: 805-801-7002


Our 30 days of Crystal Skulls has been amazing so far! Check out some of our featured beauties from this week!

Ilvaite Skull (Upper Left): Pack your bags for Astral Travel!
An extremely rare mineral, Ilvaite is a ‘Stone of Perserverance’ to help you overcome any challenge with focused resolve.
A powerful spiritual ally, Ilvaite reveals truth, wisdom, and your soul’s blueprint in this and other lifetimes.

Crinoid Fossil with Mohawk Skull (Upper Right): This energetic being carries the wisdom of the ancestors. It can help you acknowledge where past attachments exist in your body or soul so you can let go of the old to usher in the new.
Crinoid Fossil attracts abundance and success. It helps with grounding and focus to bring your ideas into form or releasing lack consciousness.

Network Jasper Skull (Middle Left): “An Attitude of Gratitude” is this Crystal Skull’s mantra to offer you inner stability and harmony. Network Jasper anchors you in the present moment with grounding, calming vibrations.
This energetic skull can help you unclutter your thoughts, shed limiting beliefs, and open you mind to higher awareness.

Kambaba Jasper Alien Skull (Bottom Left): This skull emits spiraling cosmic vibrations combined with grounding earth energies to effectively re-balance your body and soul:
It aligns your creative vision with practical action and helps you integrate spiritual wisdom into your physical reality.

Dragon Blood Jasper Singing Skull (Bottom Right) This skull imparts higher understanding of challenges or lessons thus far.
Dragon Blood Jasper connects you with earth energies. It reminds you that the most beautiful paths you will walk in this lifetime are seldom straight or narrow, and to enjoy the journey over the destination.

Welcome new and beautiful energies into your life!

This week's SUNDAY FOR THE SOUL with Julie Donahoo coincides with the NEW MOON!

The New Moon is a beautiful time for creating new intentions and preparing to receive an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.

Come for a very special Singing Bowl Sound Bath designed to help you open your heart to the healing and goodness you deserve!

Sunday, October 27th from 9:30 am - 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom!

Gift your spirit an uplifting experience as you celebrate Sunday for the Soul! This Sound Bath is just $25 ~ bring a friend!

Call Julie to save your space: 303-907-0634


NEW EVENT ~ Sunday Morning Meditation for your Spirit with Grace Collins!
Come for a special pre-holiday meditation designed to help you usher in the season with improved peace and harmony!

Sunday, November 3rd from 9:30-10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom!
Preparing for the holidays can be tough. Grace is offering you a beautiful opportunity to unwind, ground and center yourself through the magic of meditation.

During this Sunday event, you will:
♥Experience a beautiful guided journey to balance and uplift your energy.
♥Discover the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation.
♥Learn NEW meditation tips that will fit your busy lifestyle.
♥Integrate meditative methods to quickly relieve stress, tension, or anxiety.

Let’s ring in the holidays with some good vibes!

Wear comfy clothes and bring a blanket or yoga mat for your comfort!
This offering is just $25 ~ reservations are suggested as class will accommodate 10 participants.

Call 805-772-1100 to save your space today!

Psychic Skills Class with Sharon Degnan is a fun and informational class to help you increase your psychic skills!

Saturday, November 9th from 1:00-2:30 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom!

You will learn about the different types of psychic skills and identify your strongest gift. 
By the end of the classes, you will be able to see energy fields (aura), visually scan someone to identify blockages in their energy, learn about psychic protection, psychometry and more.
Bring a friend so you can practice together outside of class!

$75 ~ prior registration required
Call 805-772-1100 to reserve your space today!


Are you ready for some LOVE?

Our NEW STONE OF THE WEEK has something to say!

Meet Bertha, a radiant ROSE QUARTZ Crystal Skull who measures over 9” deep, 7.5” high, and is filled with so much love to give!

Grace worked with Bertha this past week and was surprised by how much this Crystal Being had to share.

Bertha means “Bright” and “Emotional” which is fitting for this girl’s energy. She expressed her desire to help people heal old wounds or trauma.

She connects with the Heart Chakra to release emotional blockages and fill this energy center with openness to receive and give real love.

Bertha wants to help repair the energy body and clear imprints from a cellular level using her naturally gentle frequencies for a peaceful experience.

She also expressed that forgiveness of self and others is necessary to heal and move forward.

Bertha’s spirit is generous and wise, and she is eager to offer all the healing energies of Rose Quartz in addition to sharing her unique vibration with the right person.

This Crystal Skull perfectly balances the energies of strength with compassion, intelligence with intuition, and love with light.

If you’re ready for a powerful AND pretty companion, Bertha might be your lady! She can be found in the shop and online:



Reiki Level One Certification with Laurine Tonkin is FILLED for this Sunday, October 27th! 

If you're ready to begin your journey as a Reiki Practitioner, you can contact Larine and save your spot for the next time she offers Reiki I Certification!***

Contact Laurine today: 805-801-7002