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During this month, we kept the post office, UPS and Fed Ex busy delivering many boxes of goodies to Ruby Dragon.  We are still not finished pricing and getting everything out on the shelves.  In fact I just ordered more sterling silver gemstone pendants this week and more stretchy bracelets for our bracelet prescription bar.  If you have not been in in the last month, you have not seen all of our new things.
People continue to stream in to try out our Bracelet Prescription Bar.  They see how easy it is to find just the right bracelet for them.  Today, one of the women who was the subject of a previous bracelet bar story came back to the shop  I had sold her a Carnelian bracelet and she picked out the mixed tourmaline and the black tourmaline on her own.
I asked her if the bracelets were continuing to work for her.  She said that they truly are and that she regularly places them on the selenite bar to cleanse and re-charge them.  That is an important step in keeping your crystals and jewelry working at top performance.
She said she wishes I would write a book about how to treat Fibromyalgia.  I told her that Fibromyalgia is one of those disorders that takes different paths in different people.  She said that the most troubling symptom of the pain.  And that is why Carnelian continues to work for her.  Come in and let us help you find the perfect match for you.
Once you have cleansed and charged your crystal, it is ready to be programmed.  Quartz is one of the few crystals that are programmable.
Citrine is an excellent type of quartz to program.  Citrine naturally enhances concentration, lifts depression and improves will power.  So, if you are preparing for an important meeting or taking a test or writing a book, you can program Citrine  to help you enhance those skills.  For example, lets say that you have to take a test in a subject that has always been a problem for you.
Hold the Citrine between your hands and then think about the best possible outcome of the test.  Get that idea firmly in your mind.  Use visioning such as seeing your paper with an A+ written on it.  Now focus on how you will feel before, during and after the test.  See yourself as relaxed and confident during the process.
Once you have those visions clearly in your mind, take a big inhale of breath and then blow those visions into the crystal.  You can be even more specific by blowing in some of the correct tanswers to questions that cause you trouble.  Relax and thank the crystal for helping you.
Take the crystal with you to the place where you have to take the test.  Place it somewhere so that you can see it during the testing process.  During the exam, pick it up and hold it for self confidence.
Then go out and celebrate knowing that you are getting an A+ on the test.
Advanced Astrology ~ 8.18.18

Ready to take it to the next level?  Here’s where we integrate all the basic elements of the birth chart into comprehensive readings.  These readings can be both useful for yourself and others.
Montgomery has over 20 years of experience as an Astrologer, and he is passionate about sharing his expertise with you!
Saturday / August 18th / 1 – 3 pm / Ruby Dragon Classroom / $30
In this class, you will learn:
How to integrate the four basic elements of the Birth Chart into a comprehensive whole understanding
How to perform the different types of Astrology readings
How to discover the potential of Astrology as a reflective tool for personal & interpersonal knowledge
Advanced Astrology is an immersive class being offered by Astrologer Montgomery Norton, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the field.
Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. Montgomery will show you how understanding and using Astrology can empower and enlighten you on your journey and how to discover the magic of the cosmos.
You can print out a copy of your astrological birth chart at: and bring it it class with you!
If you are interested in this sacred art and the oldest of sciences, The Science of The Soul, please sign up for Montgomery’s incredible new class. Montgomery is excited to share his passion and expertise with you!
Registration is only $30. 
Current Events Astrology Class on Thursday, August 30th, from 6:00-7:30pm, for $20. 
We shall be discussing the events approaching for the month of September.  A few of the transits to mention are:
Saturn goes Direct in Capricorn
Mercury enters Virgo and Trines Uranus in Taurus & Saturn in Capricorn
Venus in Libra square Mars in Capricorn
Call 805-772-1100 to reserve your space today!

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