New Crystals, Classes & Healing!

New Rose Quartz!
The Rose Quartz Spheres have starbursts of light as pictured above. A star pattern in any crystal amplifies the healing properties and raises the natural vibration of that stone. These are so beautiful and will make lovely gifts for yourself or someone special.
The bottom left photo shows more of the Rose Quartz Spheres with two Clear Quartz Spheres that are perfect for crystal ball reading. The Clear Quartz Dodecahedron is an energetic Sacred Geometry form.
In the bottom right we have miniature Rose Quartz double terminated points and a Star of David Rose Quartz in the center that are just the right size for pockets and medicine pouches.

More new crystals this week include Brazilian Amethyst pendulums, double-terminated points and miniature vogels. Double terminated points direct energy in both directions to draw out pain or blockages and to infuse the body with healing energy.
The top right and bottom left pictures show new Clear Quartz massage wands, pendulums, and miniature standing vogel points. They are small and mighty.
The Fluorite Spheres in the bottom right photo are the prettiest we've seen. These are great for the holidays to inspire cooperation and harmony at all those family gatherings.
Green Aventurine angels make a wonderful addition to your healing grid or altar.  A thoughtful, loving gift for someone who is ill.  Aventurine is a form of Quartz and is a general healing stone. 
Amethyst and Citrine Geode Hearts will make uplifting energy generators in your home. Amethyst will bring peace and Citrine emits joyful vibrations.
New Lodolite, Amphibole, and Rutiile Quartz pieces are powerful for meditation, dreaming, and spiritual work. These crystals activate the upper chakras, heighten intuition, and help you see beneath the surface to uncover hidden issues.
We have finally been able to locate the Black Tourmaline pieces that so many of you have requested.  These are about 5" long and a perfect size for your hand.  They are the very best stone for protection and grounding.  A great gift for your friends & family.
This week two women came into the shop.  The daughter, who is in her 40's was suffering from serious complications of earlier surgery.  it started with surgery for endometriosis, hysterectomy and two unsuccessful mesh implants to hold up the bladder.  She was suffering with a lot of pain and has an appointment at UCLA soon for more surgery. 
As I sat with her and talked to her, I could feel her fear and emotional pain and she was reporting a lot of pain.  Since most of her problems were associated with the bladder and her reproductive organs (or lack of), I started off having her hold Peach Moonstone medallions on the area of greatest pain.   Within 5 minutes she reported that the entire area was pain. 
Then I suggested Rose Quartz for her heart.  Her emotional pain was so strong and she was trying hard to hold things together.  I had her hold a Rose Quartz heart on her heart.  I could almost immediately feel it lift her spirits and ease the tight hold on her emotions.  She felt it also and was grateful.  She had mentioned that she loved the color purple, so I had her hold an Amethyst. 
After about 5 minutes, she said that she felt relaxed and hopeful.  I talked to her about wearing bracelets of Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Peach Moonstone so that she will get the benefit of them continually.  I also suggested that she get two extra pieces of Peach Moonstone for her pain.  And I suggested that she take a small wand of Selenite so that she can easily cleanse and re-charge her stones. 

LAPIS LAZULI is our featured beauty this week AND a powerful birthstone for Sagittarius!
Calcite, Lazurite and Pyrite join forces in this brilliant blue stone, cherished for centuries as an amulet of protection, magical powers, and spiritual guidance.
 Especially useful for dreamy Sagittarius, Lapis Lazuli balances innate creativity with focused action and reminds this sometimes-self-critical sign of the zodiac to be gentler with themselves.
Lapis Lazuli has many benefits:
•Activates Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras
•Encourages authentic speech and positive communication
•Inspires new insight and clear intentions
•Boosts immunity and reduces inflammation
•Alleviates moodiness, vertigo, and insomnia
Come in this week for special savings on Lapis pieces, pendants, bracelets and more!
We also have Lapis Lazuli available in our online shop: ~ we ship!
Gaia's Guidance - Nature's Way
December 16, Sunday - 10 am - 2pm
$80 (includes the free Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle.
Amanda Smith, M.Sc.
    Amanda is a teacher of Science and Spirituality.  She has a diverse background with degrees in Environmental Science and Soil Chemistry, coupled with certifications in healing with Earth Energy and Reiki.  Amanda has taught classes on developing intuition and it was during one of these teachings that she was inspired to create a tool for connecting with Nature.  She called it Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle.  Recently, the cards themselves began to insist they be shared in a new way.  A workshop they said!  Each person in this workshop will receive and learn how to use a Circles of Gaia card deck.  But that's not the most valuable learning you will receive!
  In this workshop, you will discover how the separation of Science and Spirituality came to be, how it has created lack of abundance and purpose as well as instability for humanity.  By re-establishing our connection to Earth and Nature we can nurture and enhance our birthright of abundance, discover our heart's desired purpose and create trust within ourselves to follow that purpose.  This workshop will introduce you back to your Earth connection and give you the tools to live with ease and grace.

Sunday, December 16th from 3-4 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom with Orgone Artisan John Robson.
Discover the power of ORGONITE and ORGONE ENERGY with Pyramids, Hearts, Discs, and Pendants. Participants in this free seminar will receive 15% OFF their purchase of John's Orgone creations.
Orgonite generators are the result of combining molded resin with Copper, precious metals & metallic shavings, crystals and gemstones, effectively creating powerful, positive energy to benefit our environment—and us—in numerous ways.
Through extensive research and discovery, Orgonite is known to efficiently collect, transmute and emit etheric energy, functioning as a protective and positive shield against EMF and negative frequencies. Placing Orgonite in your living space elevates the immediate surroundings, as well as our own energies for our optimal well-being at all times.
Studies involving Orgonite have shown it has curative properties in addition to environmental benefits. Orgonite can assist in overcoming illness, stabilizing emotions, and promoting harmony within as without.
The life-positive, cleansing, healing effects of Orgonite are proven and potent. Learn how Orgonite can positively change your environment...and your life.

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