Meet Julie Donahoo, Full Moon & Crystal Healing!

THANK YOU to everyone who made our Ruby Dragon Psychic Faire such a huge success yesterday!
It was a wonderful turnout, and we appreciate each and every one of you.
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Welcome our new healing practitioner, Julie Donahoo!
Julie has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for many years in a variety of settings.  While working with the children, Julie noticed how naturally intuitive and adaptive they can be.  The children would adapt as the energy in the room changed.   If others in their environment were stressed out or had a high level of energy, the children would respond in turn with a higher level of energy or anxiety.  Parents would often wonder why their child was presenting with severe anxiety or hyperactivity when their own lives were completely out of control.  Realizing that this has become an epidemic, Julie sought change.
In a quest to rediscover her own intuitive abilities and to restore some balance in her own life, Julie made several life changes including making 2 major moves from her home state of Colorado to discover her calling.   Julie first moved to Alaska then to the Central Coast of California.   In this time, many people have come into her life by way of divine intervention to teach her about energy healing.  Believing that everything moves and vibrates, Julie has been drawn to the healing energy of crystals, Reiki, and Himalayan singing bowls.  Julie has been trained in a unique technique using therapeutic singing bowls on the body.
Our bodies need rest.  Using therapeutic grade singing bowls which are placed on or near the body, a person experiences profound effects to their body and mind.  The body goes through noticeable changes as it enters a deeper state of relaxation, allowing the body to rest and repair.  Julie uses her knowledge of anatomy, neurology, and biology and her own intuition to place the bowls where they are needed.
Julie is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner and is currently pursuing becoming a Crystal Reiki Master.
To schedule an appointment with Julie, call 303-907-0634
Two women came into the shop today looking for stones to help the younger woman.  She said that this year has started out with major changes (something we are hearing from lots of folks coming in and that many members of our staff are experiencing).  She had recently ended a relationship.  Her friend added that the woman needed lots of protection.  The client said that she was going through major transformation and was looking for a job, which is also stressing her out.
I recommended that she get a good sized piece of Black Tourmaline for protection.  I also recommended that she get a piece of Labradorite which is known as the stone of Transformation.
Lastly I recommended that she get a natural Citrine point.  Citrine is an amazing stone for the 3rd Chakra and for helping you to stand in your own power.  It also brings clarity and organization to your thinking.  I suggested that she wear the Citrine to any job interview.  I also suggested that she wear it in her bra because that will keep it close to her third chakra which is located on her Solar Plexus.  I told her that if, during the interview process the Citrine heats up to where it is uncomfortable to wear, it is a warning that that particular job is not right for her.  She purchased all of the stones and I know that they will all help her  on her journey.
Peace flows from this week’s beauty, BLUE CALCITE!
Reminiscent of clear blue sky, Blue Calcite emits high vibration energies to gently cleanse the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies:
•Activates Throat & Third Eye Chakras
•Improves communication, clarity, and creativity
•Heightens intuition, visioning, and meditative states
•Encourages insight and compassion
•Lifts the spirit, soothes stress or anxiety
•Boosts immunity, alleviates pain and inflammation
We have gorgeous Blue Calcite including spheres, free forms, tumbled and rough pieces available with special savings as our Stone of the Week. Come in today!
You can also find Blue Calcite at ~ we ship!!!