Meet Jeannette Reina! Intuitive Crystal Grid, Junior Edition Sundays & More!


Welcome Jeannette Reina to our Ruby Dragon Family!

Our newest practitioner offers many spiritual and healing modalities including mediumship, spiritual channeling, Reiki Level II, Healing Touch for Animals®, shamanism, energetic space clearing, and more.  She communicates with spirit in all forms: living, departed, human and animal.
Jeannette devotes herself to helping others in a spiritual space of love, highest good, and service to community. 
Jeannette’s formal training as an energy healer and medium began with a class on Buddhism, which introduced her to the beauty of meditation and soul journeying.
From these experiences, Jeannette felt called to shamanism, which has deeply resonated with her soul journey.
Through Jeannette's shamanic training, she focused on an innate ability for space clearing. She can sense, locate, and clear energies from your home or office, offering blessings and protection to positively transform your space. Jeannette can clear your space on site or remotely.
Her shamanic practice combined with Reiki encouraged her to incorporate a lifelong love of all beings into energy healing for animals.
As a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Practitioner, Jeannette uses her intuitive skills to communicate with animals, identify health or emotional concerns, and direct healing energy where it is most needed. She offers these services in-person with your pet and remotely through photos and phone sessions.
Mediumship and channeling allow Jeannette to connect with departed loved ones and spirit guides to help you in your journey.
Jeannette is available for appointments in the shop and by phone:

Come say hello to Jeannette Tuesdays & Sundays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.!

You can learn more about her services on our website:



This gorgeous Crystal Grid is a beautiful tool for your intuitive, creative pursuits from writing to art, psychic visioning and more!

As a template for creativity, we picked the Flower of Life design as it helps bring ideas into form.

Crystals you can place on this grid include aqua and blue stones like Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Iolite and Blue Lace Agate.

Aqua stones connect with your High Heart Chakra, which bridges higher knowing with purposeful actions and follow-through.

Light blue stones activate your Throat Chakra and encourage artistic self-expression, empowered communication, and “giving voice” to your ideas.

Dark blue and indigo stones stimulate your Third Eye Chakra for creative visioning and channeling divine inspiration.

You can round out your crystal grid with any other stones you like. Crown Chakra crystals like Clear Quartz or Amethyst will help magnify your intentions, keep you focused and in the creative flow!

The pictured Creativity Grid is available for just $44.25 and includes:
• 6” Flower of Life Grid Plate
• 3 Aquamarine
• 3 Amazonite
• 1 Sodalite (center stone)
• 6 Blue Lace Agate
• 9 Clear Quartz Seed Points
• 3 Amethyst

You can find it in the shop AND online!



Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo is offering a fantastic healing special for February!

Come enjoy a 20-minute Reiki and Vibrational Attunement session designed to heal, open, and energize your heart with love!

Specially selected crystals will be laid on your Heart Chakra during the session as gentle sound waves and Reiki energy flow through your body.

Regularly priced at $55, Julie is offering this package treatment for just $40 this month only!

This heart-centered healing special will make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone special this month!

Come in for a gift certificate or call Julie today! 805-776-3353

Join Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo for a healing Sound Bath during this month's New Moon in Pisces!

Sunday, February 23
rd from 9:30 am - 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom

This special Sunday for the Soul will help you welcome new beginnings during this beautiful lunar phase.

The New Moon is a perfect time to expand your awareness and open yourself to new possibilities.

Specially selected crystals will be laid on your body as healing sound waves clear and recharge your energy!

This Sound Bath is just $25. Bring a yoga mat, pillow, or blanket for your comfort.

For more details or to reserve your space, call Julie: 805-776-3353

Just for youths aged 10-14, Vibrational Sound Therapist Julie Donahoo is offering a brand-new monthly Kids’ Sound Bath!

This new Sound Bath takes place the first Sunday of each month for 30 minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation!

The very first Junior Edition Sound Bath is happening in March!

Sunday, March 1st from 11-11:30 in the Ruby Dragon Classroom!

Benefits include:

• Regulate physical and emotional well-being
• Relax and reduce stress
• Grounding and calming
• Focus and joy
• Recharge and restore energy

This Sound Bath is just $15 ~ bring a friend!

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, or cushion for your comfort! This event will
accommodate 10 participants.

Call to reserve your space today: 805-776-3353

Register online at


Celebrate LOVE the whole month of February with a special on Aura Photos!

We are offering a couples Aura photo with intuitive reading all month for $40.

Capturing the colors of your energy field in the photo, we interpret what your aura has to tell you, incorporating color therapy and crystal healing recommendations into your intuitive aura reading.

Bring your sweetheart, mom, or best friend for a gift you’ll cherish together!

We offer Aura Photos every day we are open. No appointment is necessary!!


Ruby Dragon’s Month of LOVE continues with this week’s sexy stone, CARNELIAN!

Vibrant Carnelian will warm your body and soul:

•Carnelian stimulates your Sacral Chakra to inspire creativity, passion, and spirited independence.

•It can relieve inflammation and pain, especially in the abdomen, reproductive organs, muscle tension or strain. 

•Carnelian supports renewed intimacy and connection in your relationships. 

•Orange is the complementary color of your Throat Chakra. Carnelian can be used to soothe sore throats, allergies, or constriction. 

•Also a Root Chakra stone, Carnelian boosts physical energy, focus, and stamina to tackle new projects.

•A crystal of ambition, Carnelian will help you attract all the success, prosperity and abundance you deserve.

Put a little light in your life and come check out our NEW Carnelian available now!

We have energetic Carnelian bracelets, pendants, hearts, medallions, free forms and more…come on in!

Want to shop for Carnelian online? Send us a message and we’ll create a custom order just for you!