May & Mother's Day Specials, New Classes & Crystals!


Starting May 6th, we will be OPEN for a MONTH of MONDAYS in MAY! 

Now, you have 7 DAYS a week to shop at Ruby Dragon!

Come check out our newest crystals, books, decks, musical instruments, ceremonial items, statues and more.

Monday hours: 11 am - 5 pm ~ see you here!
Our talented Ruby Dragon practitioners are offering beautiful specials for the month of May!

♥Amanda Smith is offering 30-minute intuitive oracle readings for just $50!
Amanda’s Oracle deck, Gaia’s Guidance, can help you discover new insight, growth, and abundance in your journey.

Gift certificates and appointments are available: 805-235-0666
♥Julie Donahoo is offering two incredible specials!
A one-hour Crystal Reiki session is just $75, which includes a full-body crystal attunement combined with channeled Reiki healing.

A 30-minute Vibrational Sound Therapy session is available for only $40, including specially tuned singing bowls that direct healing frequencies to replenish your body and soul.

Gift certificates, appointments, and walk-ins welcome: 303-907-0634
♥Laurine Tonkin is offering a 30-minute combination intuitive 3-card oracle reading with Crown Chakra attunement for the special price of $65.

You will be guided in creating and welcoming new intentions and beginnings while opening your awareness to receive spiritual guidance.
What do you wish to manifest in your journey? Come with your intention and discover the gifts awaiting you!

Gift certificates and appointments available: 805-810-7002. You can also visit Laurine’s website: for more details!

From May 1st through Mother’s Day on May 12th, we are offering special savings of 20% OFF all Heart-shaped crystals and stones!

Give the gift of love this Mother’s Day that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Come on in!

20% Off Sale includes all gemstone hearts except for consignment items. 

Gift yourself the power of healing and transformation!

The Healing Power of Your Other Hand is a very special workshop with Lucia Capacchione, PhD, Art therapist and best-selling author.

May 11th ~ 10 am - 1 pm ~ Ruby Dragon Classroom
(Followed by a book signing at 1 pm)

In this workshop, you will learn:
•Unlocking creativity and inner wisdom for healing and living the life of your dreams
•Accessing your right brain through your non-dominant hand
•Stress-busting activities including spontaneous art and journaling from the Playful and Creative Child within
•Giving a voice to intuition and inner guidance for resolving conflicts and finding your life's direction
•Letting your left brain know what your right brain feels and wants
•How to relieve anxiety and self-doubt by liberating yourself from the tyranny of your perfectionist Inner Bully,

Talent or training in art or writing not required. Art supplies included. Please bring a notebook or journal.

Fee: $50 (includes art materials) ~ Call and reserve your space! 805-772-1100

Saturday, May 18th ~ 6- 7 pm ~ Ruby Dragon Classroom.

Join Sharon Degnan for a hands-on Pendulum Workshop where you will learn this powerful divination practice!

A pendulum is a powerful and practical tool. With a little bit of instruction and some practice, anyone can add this fun and magical skill to their repertoire.

Come take a journey of discovery as we learn the tips and tricks of using the pendulum to locate lost objects, gain intuitive insight on decisions, and explore self-improvement through pendulum divination.

Class fee is just $25.
Call to reserve your space: 805-772-1100


Saturday & Sunday ~ May 18th & 19th ~ with Laurine Tonkin & Sophia Brody.

10am - 3pm ~ Suite A (Sacred Sanctuary) of Ruby Dragon

This is a 2-day experiential embodiment of your soul’s journey.  You will leave this workshop with an intuitively designed deck (4-16 cards) that becomes your sacred tool for healing, interpreting, releasing and manifesting your soul’s journey. 
The Soul Imprints Workshop includes:
•Guidance into the sacred awareness of Your Souls Unique Imprint
•Creative exploration using watercolors
•Embellishment support of props and offered supplies
•Natural earth elements to guide your intuitive process
•Instruction for how to read your soul story and the stories of others 
•Intuitive and healing support from Laurine and Sophia during the workshop
•All materials are provided
•You do not need to be “an artsy person” to attend, each card creates itself 
For question please call Laurine Tonkin at:
You can also register online at
Space is limited to 6 participants
Laurine Tonkin is an Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Channel.  She works closely with the energies & spirits of many Benevolent Beings of Light and provides Intuitive Guidance & healings energy sessions.  For more information please visit her website at
Sophia Brody is a Transpersonal Life coach with a master's in psychology, teaching clients how to explore their intuition through creative expression

The Crystal Primer: An Introduction to the Exciting World of Crystals

Saturday, May 25th ~ 6-7PM Ruby Dragon classroom

Are you just beginning your journey with crystals? 

This fun and hands-on class with Sharon Degnan will give you an overview of the amazing crystal kingdom and will teach you how to select, work with and care for your crystals.
We will discuss the different kinds of crystals, what the different shapes mean and more.
You will learn how to integrate crystals into your daily life, how to set intentions with your crystals and how to cleanse, charge and program your crystals for specific uses.   
Additionally, with your enrollment and to help guide you on your journey, you will receive a list of five or more crystals hand-selected specifically for you by my pendulum, for you to try before you buy with the skills you will learn in this class.
$25/cash $28/credit or debit ~ Call to reserve your spot: 805-772-1100


A vibrant ‘Stone of Eternity’ and May’s primary Birthstone, gorgeous green EMERALD is our Stone of the Week!

Emerald has long been cherished as a symbol of everlasting love and life. It imparts gentle energies with heart-centered healing:

♥Promotes self-love, esteem, and grace
♥Releases burdens and unhealthy attachments
♥Reopens the Heart Chakra to give and receive love freely
♥Stimulates courage to overcome obstacles and adversity
♥Encourages truthful, heartfelt communication
♥Relieves symptoms of allergies, asthma or illness
A perfect birthday gift for someone special this month, come in to choose from our gorgeous selection of Emeralds and enjoy special savings as our Stone of the Week!