Jewelry Sale, New Products, Classes & Bracelet Bar Story!

NEW Gemstone Bracelets, Dream Catchers, and Pendulums!
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar is filled with gorgeous new healing gemstones. We have bracelets for stress, protection, intuition, peace, and more!
New dream catchers are perfect to hang above your bed or in your home. These beauties have long been used for protection, harmony, and sweet dreams!
 Unique pendulums will make powerful tools for your spiritual or divination practice. We have new pendulums featuring goddesses, chakra stones, and chambers for herbs, ashes or oils!
NEW Inspirational and Chakra Banners are in the shop this week!
These brightly colored cloth banners include affirmations, quotes and spiritual guidance to uplift your home or office space.
Some of our new banners depict wisdom teachings from the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Ganesh, Thich Nhat Hanh, and more!

Come in for fantastic savings during our huge Chalisa Jewelry 50% OFF Sale!
Unique Sterling Silver gemstone rings and earrings will make gorgeous additions to your jewelry collection.
We have a stunning selection of Amethyst, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Labradorite, Lapis, Peridot, Citrine, and so much more.
Come in soon for best selection!
This week’s Prescription Bracelet Bar story involves a young woman who came into the shop and expressed she was feeling out of sorts lately. She said she’s been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Recent miscommunication and conflict with loved ones had upset her, as well.
The young woman mentioned Mercury Retrograde, which can sometimes impact our moods, energy, or ability to communicate effectively.
We suggested she try on a Fluorite bracelet, as Fluorite is both protective and uplifting.
Wearing or placing Fluorite in our space shields us from EMF (electronic pollution). It can also protect us from undesirable influences like conflict between people.
Fluorite connects with the Heart, High Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It soothes emotions, grounds scattered energies, and raises our vibration.
A wonderful stone for self-expression and clarity, Fluorite encourages thoughtful communication and calms anxious thoughts.
Fluorite is known as a Stone of Cooperation, as it inspires teamwork and collaborative problem solving.
The woman purchased the Fluorite bracelet, saying she was already feeling much better after wearing it for just a few minutes.
Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has something for nearly every need, including Mercury Retrograde!
Come in today and let our caring staff help you find your perfect match. You can also purchase gemstone bracelets in our online shop:


NEW CLASS with Miley Cox!
“Spirit Animal Wisdom” is a powerful introduction to working with your spirit animals, animal medicine, and animal totems.
In this class, you will learn:
•What a spirit animal can teach you about your journey
•The benefits of having an animal guide in your spiritual practice
•How to meet your spirit animal through guided meditation
•Understand why one or more animal guides are with you
•How to use animal medicine in your daily life
•How to interpret messages from nature
SATURDAY, APRIL 6th from 1-3 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom
Class fee: $35
Sign up today for this incredible offering: 805-772-1100.

Take your Reiki practice to the next level in this Reiki II workshop with Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Channel Laurine Tonkin.
While the focus of Reiki I is on self-healing, Reiki II will take you further into this healing modality teaching you distance healing, how to work with clients, integrate crystals and other techniques to enhance Reiki and how to use the Sacred Symbols to direct and boost your Reiki Energy.
Reiki II workshop will cover the following
*A review of Reiki Level One
*Receive your Reiki II Attunement & Certificate
*Receive the Sacred Reiki Symbols and how to use them
*Learn distance healing across time and space
*Further develop your intuitive skills
*Form a stronger connection to your Reiki Angels & Guides
*Learn advanced Reiki & Healing techniques
*Work with Crystals, Aura Scanning, Chakras & more
This workshop is open to all Reiki I students whether you have trained with Laurine or received your Reiki I Certification from another teacher; you are welcome to attend this class.
For your comfort you may want to bring: water, journal, pen, snacks/lunch and comfy clothes.
875 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA
in the Sacred Sanctuary at Ruby Dragon (Suite A).
Class Fee: $225
I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you.
Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.
Laurine Tonkin
Intuitive Medium ~ Spiritual Channel
(805) 801-7002

Join Justen Bear for a unique and powerful experience as you create your own Native Style Hand Drum.
THURSDAY / APRIL 18th / 5:30 – 8:30 pm / Ruby Dragon Classroom
All material are prepared and provided:
•Elk, Buffalo and Horse Hides
•Red Cedar Rims
•Willow and Buckskin Beaters
As we Craft these Drums, a Life Creation and Self Reflection Story will be shared.
Come laugh, pray, listen and create...
This is an experience of a lifetime.
Your Drum will become an extension of yourself... and a new Being in your Life!
Come and create a Drum with your Child, your Partner, or simply by yourself.
We will be working and sitting on the floor. Bring a towel, pillow, or cushion for your comfort, snacks and water.
Class size will accommodate 7 participants.
This valuable experience is provided for $333 per Drum.
Payment in full is due at time of registration (Non-refundable).
Call to reserve your space today: 805-772-1100.
You can also arrange payment with Justen directly:*
(*If you make a payment directly to Justen, please call the shop to confirm your information on our sign-up sheet so we can maintain an accurate count for the class).
Venmo- @Justen-Annunziato
FB Messenger cash- JustenBear
A brilliant “Stone of Hope,” AMAZONITE emits peaceful healing energies:
♥Opens, clears, and activates the Heart, Upper Heart, and Throat Chakras
♥Encourages loving release of painful memories or trauma
♥Repairs the aura and removes energetic blockages
♥Protects from EMF of cell phones, computers, and other electronics
♥Creates boundaries to block psychic attack and undesirable influences
♥Promotes clear and truthful communication and harmony in relationships
♥ Boosts courage to embrace the unknown with faith
We have incredible NEW Amazonite including Free Forms, Angels, Palm Stones, Bracelets and more!
Come in this week for special savings on our Stone of the Week!

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