Holiday News!

November 26, 2017 Newsletter
Note to Self:  Don't let the Dragons decorate the tree.  Sydney does a much better job!

Beginning December 1, Ruby Dragon will stay open until 8pm on the four Fridays in December.  We will be participating in several events in the Downtown area.
The first event is called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Downtown and Embarcadero shops are participating in this one.  Each one will have specials on the 12 days of Christmas.  Ruby Dragon will have a special table set up in the shop.  On the first day of Christmas, we will put one item on the table at 30% off.  On the 2nd day, we will add two more items at 30% off and so on through the 12 days.
SANTA WINE PUB CRAWL, December 8th.    When the Winterfest people first approached me about participating in the Santa Wine Pub Crawl, I said "ARE YOU CRAZY?   LOOK AT ALL THESE CRYSTALS AND GLASS DISPLAY COUNTERS!!!"  They assured me that each participant only got a sip of wine.  So on December 8th, Ruby Dragon will be participating in this event.
It sounds like fun because all of the contestants have to be dressed as Santa or an Elf.  This I gotta see!  And to make it even more fun, my staff members who are working the event are encouraged to be in costume.  So Laurine is assembling her costume and so is Jessica.  Not sure who all will be there, but there is a chance that Simone will be there with her son, Lucas.  He loves costumes and so does she.
So the idea is that the contestants have to pick up a map and then they have to go to each business on the map and get their map stamped.  Whoever gets stamps from all the shops is eligible for a nice prize.  We will be serving finger foods to do our part to make sure everyone stays clear headed!  We will also be doing a drawing for a nice prize from Ruby Dragon.
There will be a Santa's House on the Embarcadero sponsored by local merchants.  On DECEMBER 8, Ruby Dragon will be sponsoring Santa's house.  We will decorate the house and provide presents for the children who come to see Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Gosh guess what presents we are giving the kids....ROCKS!!!  So bring the kids down on December 8th and let them get some rocks for their stockings!
One customer came in on Friday and really stumped me.  She told me that her husband is trying to develop a spiritual practice, but he feels he is not getting anywhere and is getting discouraged.  What stone do we have for that?  Oh my gosh....I thought about the "higher mind stones" of Selenite, Calcite and Apophyllite, but they did not feel right.  Then I considered Herkimer Diamond.  I almost decided on that one and then thought that perhaps I should consult my favorite rock book - The Crystal Bible.
So my next issue was what do I look for in the index.  I looked at "spiritual" and it referred me to "growth".  So when I looked at growth, It had a few listings for Spiritual Growth.  The first one I checked was Moldavite.  When I read the description, I knew I had the correct answer.  I also checked the information on one of my favorite websites.  I have talked to the woman who owns the website and she is amazing.  So here is what she said.
Moldavites are among the most powerful gemstones for spiritual development and expansion of one’s consciousness. It seems to engender and accelerate one’s inner growth and evolution towards one’s spiritual truth.  BINGO!! 
Unfortunately, they don't make Moldavite bracelets, so I sold her a piece of Moldavite.  I will look forward to hearing about her husband's experience with this powerful stone.
Sometimes you just cannot decide what to give some people as a gift.  Well, we are going to help give you even more choices.  Our creative staff got together and had a lot of fun assembling gifts from different items in the shop.   
Doreen Virtue book and oracle card deck combinations at a discounted price.
Christmas bags for children with gemstone chip bottles, an animal totem made of soapstone with a card explaining the animal spirit and a dream catcher. These are selling quickly.
Pendulum gift sets with a laminated card that explains how to use a pendulum and a beautiful long chakra necklace with a pendulum gemstone point in a lovely sari bag.
The photos on the bottom show close ups of some of the assortments we put together.  There are some for cleansing your space of negative energy, attracting love and abundance and gridding your home.
All of our kits are discounted from the regular prices.

 For a complete description of each class, go to

There are no more classes scheduled for November and December except for Mary's Angel Circle and Laurine's moon ceremonies.  We will be having our Psychic Fair on January 13!

2nd & 4th Wednesdays / 6:30-8:30pm / $20 each / classroom / with Mary Hiestand, ATP®
The Angel Healing Circle at Ruby Dragon, is a peaceful time designed to help you relax, meditate, and connect to your Angels. Come and experience the love and healing power of the Angels. Through meditation we will connect to the non-denominational energy of the Angels to receive personal healing and wisdom. You will also receive a personal mini Angel Oracle Card Reading by Mary. The Angels love sharing their uplifting messages and will bless you with abundance, harmony and joy. Come as you are, bring a friend, meet new people, and experience the powerful energy of the Angels.