Happy New Year, Psychic Faire, New Moon!

Happy New Year!
This has been the best year for us since we opened Ruby Dragon.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and those of you who come for classes, readings and healing.
We are making some major changes for 2019.  We are adding additional healers and readers.  We are getting ready to do some major redecoration of our space, including the hallway and outside signage. 
Our new logo of a Ruby Dragon stepping into her power (drawn by my darling granddaughter who is stepping into her own power) will be appearing on all of our online sites and that means I need to order new business cards!
All of us at Ruby Dragon send our wishes to you for a peaceful year filled with happiness and love.
We will be sharing our Ruby Dragon staff picks of crystals for the New Year over the next few weeks.
 Our Lead Dragoness, Penny Harrington chose SMOKY QUARTZ & HERKIMER DIAMOND.

Penny says: Smoky Quartz is a wonderful crystal for clearing physical and emotional energies. Perfect for the New Year, Smoky Quartz can help you acknowledge and release what you no longer need to carry. Penny finds comfort in Smoky Quartz for physical healing as it removes blockages to alleviate pain or chronic issues. The high vibration cleansing of Smoky Quartz can help restore the body to balance and flow.
Penny suggests that anyone who chooses to work with Smoky Quartz should be ready and willing to face any emotions that may come forward. She calls it the ‘Roto Rooter’ for stuck emotions, as it can facilitate deep release of grief or trauma.
Ready to meet the New Year with a clean emotional slate? Smoky Quartz is your crystal!
Herkimer Diamond is Penny’s second pick as a powerhouse crystal. Small and mighty, Herkimer Diamond is a “Light Bringer” that can raise your vibration and take your spiritual awareness to the next level.
Herkimer Diamond works well with other crystals and stones, acting as an amplifier of those energies to impart powerful healing and transformation.
A beautiful choice for the New Year, Herkimer Diamond can be programmed like Quartz to usher your intentions out into the universe.

We have a variety of Smoky Quartz and Herkimer Diamond in the shop ~ come in for yours today!
Our next New Year's Crystal is Sharon Degnan's choice of beautiful BLACK OBSIDIAN!
Sharon chose Obsidian without hesitation as she loves using this reflective mineral for scrying. Scrying is a form of divination, and Black Obsidian is the original ‘mirror’ used by intuitive readers for centuries.
Obsidian is a powerful tool for healing and release work as we approach the end of the year. It can support letting go of outdated beliefs or attachments and create space for new beginnings.
Sharon says Obsidian is wonderful for the New Year as it imparts deeper appreciation of life, death and rebirth as part of our souls’ evolution in this realm. 
It alleviates fear of the unknown, heightens awareness, and can help you go with the flow in your journey.
Black Obsidian provides powerful physical and psychic protection and is a wonderful tool for spiritual journeying, manifesting intentions, or connecting with your guides.
Ruby Dragon's Annuual New Year’s Psychic Faire has something for everyone!
SATURDAY, JANUARY 19th from 10 am - 4 pm
Do you want to know what gifts 2019 is bringing to you? What is unfolding in your soul's journey? Are you ready to invite in new experiences with empowered intentions?
Join in the divination celebration at Ruby Dragon to gain insight on your path from a variety of our amazing readers. We will be offering tarot, oracle and other intuitive readings all day.
Our Psychic Faire Readers:
Simone Laurent – Tarot readings
Laurine Tonkin– Intuitive & Oracle readings
Sharon Degnan – Dowsing & Crystal readings
Miley Cox – Crystal Ball readings
Grace Collins – Aura Camera readings
Amanda Smith – Oracle readings
Only $20 for 15-minute readings.
See you here in the New Year!
NEW Stone of the Week!
A shimmery golden “Stone of Abundance,” PYRITE is a beautiful choice this week as we prepare to meet the New Year!
Pyrite is a versatile mineral with amazing qualities that can help you:
•Activate Solar Plexus Chakra for empowerment & confidence
•Attract and sustain prosperity and success
•Increase Sacral Chakra vitality and inspiration
•Align pure intention with positive action
•Awaken Crown Chakra intuition & wisdom
•Harmonize body, mind and soul
Celebrate the promise and potential of the New Year with gorgeous Pyrite and receive special savings as our Stone of the Week!
This week two young men came into the shop looking for gifts and additions to their crystal connection.  When one of them came up to pay for his items, he had a small Carnelian heart on his tray.  When I asked him if it was a gift, he replied that he just didn’t know why he bought it.
 He said he felt himself being drawn back to the Carnelian.  I then asked him if he was having muscle aches.  He and his friend were amazed and admitted that both of them have a lot of muscle pain. 
The man who brought the small heart to the register picked it up, turned around and walked back to the Carnelian.  He returned to the register with a huge Carnelian heart and a big smile on his face.
Carnelian is one of our best selling stones for alleviating aches and pain!