Fuchsia Friday Sale! Holiday Gifts & Giveaway Contest! Sunday for the Soul & Angels; Psychic Skills Class; Gratitude, Aura Photos & Labradorite!



Ruby Dragon’s FUCHSIA FRIDAY SALE is happening NOW!

Come in and SAVE during our Fuchsia Friday Special Event ALL weekend!

FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 11/29/19 - 12/1/19

Enjoy 20% off storewide to 40% off on select items!

You can also shop with us online: and enjoy 20% OFF your entire order with Discount Code FRIDAY20 at checkout—we ship!

*Sale includes all our crystals and merchandise except the following: services, gift certificates, consignments, sound healing instruments, and packaged gift sets. These items are available at the regular, amazing prices!


Happy Holidays start at Ruby Dragon! 

Our unique assortment of gifts will make for a very happy holiday season ~ we have something special for everyone on your list!

Looking for something divine? 
Choose from gemstone pendulums, tarot and oracle decks, runes, crystal balls. books and more awesome divination tools that will amaze and delight your loved ones!

We have incense, sage, Palo Santo, sweetgrass, candles, essential oils and deity statues to create a sanctuary space with ease!

Make sweet holiday music with our instruments including Hapi Drums, rattles, and singing bowls!

Need stocking stuffers? 
Check out our huge variety of tumbled stones, miniature crystal angels, sacred geometry sets, worry stones, gemstone hearts, keychains, and more!

We’ve got all your holiday needs in one place! Come on in and make this a very merry season of giving!

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas ~ and we make custom packages, too! 

Shop from the convenience of home!



You can win this amazing AMETHYST GEODE! Standing 13 inches tall and weighing more than 13 pounds, this breathtaking beauty is a high-vibration dynamo that will positively transform your sanctuary space!

Ruby Dragon is holding a HOLIDAY DRAWING through December 21st, and the winner will take this baby home in time for Christmas!

Entering is easy ~ for every $25 purchase or more at Ruby Dragon, your name will be entered in the drawing...and you can enter every time you shop with us!

Come in today for your chance at this Amethyst showpiece we know you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Shopping with us online at!
We will enter your name into our drawing every time you make a purchase of $25 or more!
Our winner will be announced on Sunday, December 22nd ~ come on in for your chance to win!

(Note: Winner of Amethyst Geode will pick up the crystal in person. If shipping is required, winner agrees to pay cost of mail/delivery. If first winner forfeits prize, a second winner will be randomly selected in a drawing.)


We are wrapping up our 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE Challenge and hope you've enjoyed a daily practice of thankfulness this month!

Here's a recap of our Gratitude Challenge this week:

Day 23: Food Gratitude ~ Offer thanks for your abundance. Donate food to those in need.
Day 24: Gratitude for your Hopes & Dreams ~ make a ‘will do’ list and take action.
Day 25: Share a Gratitude Photo ~ of you, a friend, something that makes you smile.
Day 26: Smile Power Day. Share a smile everywhere you go. Make eye contact. Spread joy.
Day 27: Pass the pouch of Gratitude. Gift stones to your loved ones as a token of your love.
Day 28: Happy Thanksgiving. Make a practice of giving thanks every day.
Day 29: Generosity IS Gratitude. Buy an extra gift for someone in need this holiday season.
Day 30: Thank you! We are grateful for an amazing 30 Days of Gratitude!

How about you?
Fill in the blank.
I am grateful for the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge because: ___________________.
You can keep the gratitude cycle going. Create a ripple effect of gratitude each day and you can change the world.

We have an abundance of crystals, stones, ceremonial items, and jewelry to help you foster
an Attitude of Gratitude ~ come on in!

Tune in each day on our Facebook or Instagram pages for tips, tools, crystals and stones that support gratitude, happiness, harmony and more! 

Find us on Facebook: Ruby Dragon in Morro Bay
Follow us on Instagram: rubydragonrocks

Aura Photos with Intuitive Readings are wonderful to help you navigate the holiday season with insight, empowerment, and joy!

Capturing the colors of your energy field in the photo, we interpret what your aura has to tell you.

For just $40, you will receive an Aura Photo to keep along with an intuitive reading, color therapy tips and crystal healing recommendations from our talented staff!

Our Aura camera is an excellent tool for anyone seeking optimal wellness in body, mind, soul, and AURA! We are here to help you feel your best and shine your brightest auric light!

We offer Aura Photos every day we are open. No appointment is necessary!!


NEW Sunday for the Soul: ANGELS & SPIRIT GUIDES! 

Come for a very special Sound Bath with Julie Donahoo designed to open your awareness to the divine, loving guidance available at all times.

Sunday, December 1st from 9:30 am -10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom

This week’s Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Bath will help you welcome December with beautiful intentions and nurture your holiday spirit!

During this meditative experience, you will connect with your angel guardians and spiritual guides to receive healing and joy in your life.

Gift your spirit a relaxing, replenishing experience at Sunday for the Soul!

This Sound Bath is just $25 ~ bring a yoga mat or blanket for your comfort!

Call Julie to save your space: 303-907-0634


THE RUBY DRAGON ROCKSTAR ADVANCED PSYCHIC SKILLS CLASS with Sharon Degnan is an  fun and illuminating class to help you unleash your  psychic powers and  deepen  your own intuitive talents , whether you are just beginning to attune to your spiritual gifts or have developed a long-lasting connection with them.

Ruby Dragon Classroom on Saturday, December 14th from 1:00- 3:00pm.
For those who took my Advanced Psychic Skills class last month, this class will take you into a whole new universe.
By the end of this class, you will be  dowsing energy fields (aura), reading intuitive tarot, scrying to find answers to your questions using both a crystal ball and scrying bowl, dowsing to find lost or hidden objects, learn about spiritual cleansing, ceromancy, psychokinesis and much, much more!  

Bring a friend with you so you can practice together outside of class! Your own personal aura photo will be included in this class.
$110 ~ prior registration required.  Discounted price of $90 for my previous students from Advanced Psychic Skills. Class is limited to ten participants.  
Call 805-772-1100 to reserve your space today
Please bring a deck of tarot cards with you to this class.  If you do not have a tarot deck, swing by Ruby Dragon to check out the beautiful selection on our shelves and let us help you find the perfect deck just for you.



Are YOU a dreamer?

Last (and certainly not least!) in our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge, our Stone of the Week is a luminescent beauty for Dreamers and Seekers and alike!

LABRADORITE can help you clarify goals and realize your dreams. It harmonizes intentions with a can-do attitude for positive forward movement.

♦Activates upper Chakras from Heart to Crown and is especially powerful for heightening insight and intuition. It can reveal the path that is most aligned with personal truth.
♦Wearing or carrying Labradorite stimulates creativity and self-expression.
♦Placed in the home, Labradorite emits peaceful, uplifting vibrations to create a happy sanctuary space.

♥Love that Labradorite FLASH? 

You can find the pictured Labradorite in the shop and online:

We have an abundance of Labradorite that will forever inspire your spirit ~ come in for yours today! 

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