Drawing Winner, New Products, & Full Moon!

Our Smoky Quartz Drawing ended today with a happy winner of this $750 prize!
Congratulations, Norma! 
Thank you to everyone who participated in this exciting event!
Even this week's People magazine agrees with us on gift ideas.  We try to keep the Jade face massage rollers in stock all the time.  And we also just found some in Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Opalite.  They make wonderful gifts!

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects millions of people during the winter months. Less sunlight, shorter days, and colder weather can lead to the wintertime blues.
Symptoms of SAD include fatigue, excessive moodiness, difficulty sleeping, and general malaise.
Adding crystals and stones can bring light into our lives, lift our spirits, and generate positive vibrations in the home.
♥CITRINE, SUNSTONE, and YELLOW CALCITE all resonate with the Sun’s energy. As Solar Plexus crystals, they are cleansing and uplifting.
♥LEPIDOITE and AMETHYST are high-vibration Third Eye and Crown Chakra crystals. They impart powerful healing and elevate the soul.
To learn more about SAD and how these crystals may benefit you along with resources and tips for overcoming the winter blues, read our special edition of Rock Talk this week with the link below.
Please note: If you have a history of depression or your symptoms are more severe than those associated with SAD, you should see your doctor or a medical professional for help.
Gaia's Guidance - Nature's Way
December 16, Sunday - 10 am - 2pm
$80 (includes the free Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle.
Amanda Smith, M.Sc.
    Amanda is a teacher of Science and Spirituality.  She has a diverse background with degrees in Environmental Science and Soil Chemistry, coupled with certifications in healing with Earth Energy and Reiki.  Amanda has taught classes on developing intuition and it was during one of these teachings that she was inspired to create a tool for connecting with Nature.  She called it Circles of Gaia Healing Oracle.  Recently, the cards themselves began to insist they be shared in a new way.  A workshop they said!  Each person in this workshop will receive and learn how to use a Circles of Gaia card deck.  But that's not the most valuable learning you will receive!
  In this workshop, you will discover how the separation of Science and Spirituality came to be, how it has created lack of abundance and purpose as well as instability for humanity.  By re-establishing our connection to Earth and Nature we can nurture and enhance our birthright of abundance, discover our heart's desired purpose and create trust within ourselves to follow that purpose.  This workshop will introduce you back to your Earth connection and give you the tools to live with ease and grace.
Sunday, December 16th from 3-4 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom with Orgone Artisan John Robson.
Discover the power of ORGONITE and ORGONE ENERGY with Pyramids, Hearts, Discs, and Pendants. Participants in this free seminar will receive 15% OFF their purchase of John's Orgone creations.
Orgonite generators are the result of combining molded resin with Copper, precious metals & metallic shavings, crystals and gemstones, effectively creating powerful, positive energy to benefit our environment—and us—in numerous ways.
Through extensive research and discovery, Orgonite is known to efficiently collect, transmute and emit etheric energy, functioning as a protective and positive shield against EMF and negative frequencies. Placing Orgonite in your living space elevates the immediate surroundings, as well as our own energies for our optimal well-being at all times.
Studies involving Orgonite have shown it has curative properties in addition to environmental benefits. Orgonite can assist in overcoming illness, stabilizing emotions, and promoting harmony within as without.
The life-positive, cleansing, healing effects of Orgonite are proven and potent. Learn how Orgonite can positively change your environment...and your life.
NEW Shungite!
Shungite is THE “Stone of Life” ~ cleansing, balancing, recharging, and healing ~ all in one remarkable stone!
Our new must-have pieces include:
♦Pyramids – EMF protection from computers, TVs and more~ perfect in any environment
♦Cell phone stickers ~ Minimize damaging frequencies
♦Spheres & Cubes ~ Beautiful energy generators
♦Belts, knee & elbow pads ~ Alleviate muscle & joint pain
♦Pendants & Bracelets ~ Wear your healing on the go
♦Elite Shungite Powder ~ wonderful for internal cleansing
We also received some new Oracle decks.  Pictured on the left is the Teen Angel Oracle.  They are beautiful and give gentle advice.  The card on the right is from the Wisdom of the Animals Oracle Deck.  The majestic pictures are accompanied by an affirmation. 
New Stone of the Week!
One of the highest vibration crystals, SELENITE will add pure light to your home for the holidays!
A "Stone of Angelic Guidance," Selenite activates the Crown and 8th Chakras, imparting spiritual awareness and powerful healing:
•Purifies and recharges your environment
•Connects you with angels, guides, and universal wisdom
•Promotes serenity, clarity, and harmony
•Clears negativity, trauma, and grief
•Aligns and opens all chakras when placed on the body
•Cleanses and charges other crystals and stones
Bring home radiant light this holiday season with Selenite, and receive special savings as our Stone of the Week!
Our PICK-A-TAG Event is happening now!
Ruby Dragon is in the holiday spirit, and that means special savings for you!
Come in to pick a tag from our Christmas tree and save 10%, 20%, 30%, even 50% OFF your purchase.
This season, you can offer your loved ones unique and meaningful gifts from Ruby Dragon. We have something special for everyone on your holiday list—come in today and save!
You can also visit us at to shop more of our amazing crystal and merchandise selection -- we ship!

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