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I have been told several times that people don't know when I will be in the shop if they want to see me.  So here is my schedule:
Beginning July 24th, I will be working on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I may work other days for appointments only.  When summer is over and kids are back in school, we will post the schedule for everyone in the shop..

MEET MILEY (pronounced Millie) COX - Assistant Dragonness
Miley can be found at Ruby Dragon on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday.
I first remember my intuitive and empathic abilities manifesting around age 7. I was able to see and sense things that others around me could not. As a child sometimes it was scary and confusing and I didn’t understand it. However as an adult, I have embraced those child hood abilities, and have stepped into my calling as a healer. And that’s what I am today, a healer who uses many different modalities.
I graduated Ruby Dragon’s first ever Crystal Academy to become a crystal healer and that is one of my favorite and most dear to my heart forms of healing I use. I do crystal healings, I implement essential oils into my practice, sound baths, reiki, and intuitive channeling from spirit. I am currently studying shamanism in the Native American tradition. I consider myself a forever student because I am always learning and studying new things. I feel most connected to Mermaid  and ocean energy, so much so that I named my healing business Mermaid Medicine.
The most important thing about me is that I am a mother to a beautiful 6 year old son. I also love to hike. My son and I make it a point to hike twice a week. I love spending time outside with Mother Earth. I love being around crystals and all things metaphysical. Frequency is everything.
Blessed Be—
The last of the skulls I ordered finally arrived.  There was a Sodalite one, but Laurine barely let me finish opening it before she claimed it as her own.!  Starting on top, we have another Rhodonite skull.  Rhodonite helps to balance the emotions and calm impatience. Rhodonite is a very supportive stone that works with the Heart Chakra to attract love and ground negative energies. Rhodonite allows one to see areas in their life that can be improved on without getting down on, criticizing or judging oneself.
Like Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite brings much-needed love into the world. Rhodonite can also help one to remember their soul-purpose of incarnation, and facilitate living from the heart.
Next is an Orpiment Skull.  Orpiment opens and aligns the solar plexus chakra. Orpiment stimulates the intellect and is an excellent crystal to use when engaged in investigative analysis or examinations. Orpiment stimulates growth and provides insights into that which needs to be done. Orpiment should NEVER be used as an elixir because it contains Arsenic.  Be sure and wash your hands after use.
The small skulls (about 2") are all Bloodstone.  Bloodstone is is composed of deep Green Chalcedony and small dots of Red Jasper. It is also known as Heliotrope. Bloodstone is often used to purify and detoxify the body.  Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body,  Bloodstone has been used to increase energy and strength.  It removes energy blockages,  Bloodstone can be used to combat fatigue, irritability and confusion.  It is good to keep a Bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed.
Physically, Bloodstone is an energy cleanser, purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver, kidneys and spleen.  It benefits all blood rich organs and regulates blood flow.  Bloodstone cleanses lower chakras, realigning the energies.
This darling boy is Merrick who was having a lot of discomfort with teeth coming in.  His grandmother, Cathy Valdez, came to Ruby Dragon looking for an answer.  We recommended Amber.  We have Baltic Amber (the best kind) that are strung as necklaces for children.  There is a knot between each bead so even if the baby happens to break the necklace (not easy to do) the beads will stay on the string.
Amber has been shown to reduce the pain from teething.  Cathy sent a movie but I could not get it to load into the newsletter.  The movie shows him chewing on the beads and laughing and smiling.  Come get one for the baby in your family.  There is nothing like a happy baby!

Current Events – Astrology Class @ Ruby Dragon
with Montgomery Norton
Thursday, July 26th; 6:00-7:30pm, $20 pp
875 Main St., Unit C, Morro Bay, CA 93442
 Here are just a few of the things happening in the heavens:
August 6th:  Venus enters Libra.
August 6th:  Lilith enters Aquarius.
August 7th:  Uranus goes Retrograde until January 6th, 2019.
Then there are some of the larger / longer transits like these ones:
Saturn Retrograde:  April 17th – September 6th, 2018
Saturn trine Uranus:  July 25th – October 14th, 2018
Uranus in Taurus:  May 2018 – April 2026
Chiron in Aries:  April 2018 – April 2027
Value of Astrology:  What is the value of Astrology?  Well, as with most things in life, that is left up to the subject, or the person contemplating the question.  I have found tremendous awareness through learning and practicing Astrology!  For me, it has been an incredible tool of self-discovery, providing insight into aspects of life and myself that I didn’t know were possible.

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