Aura Class, Sound Bath, Full Moon & More!


Ruby Dragon's PSYCHIC FAIRE has something for everyone!

Join in the Divination Celebration on Saturday July 27th, from 10 am - 4 pm!

Our amazing readers will be offering tarot, oracle, and other intuitive readings all day!

Only $20 for 15 minute readings!

♦Laurine Tonkin - Intuitive and Oracle Card Reader

♦Amanda Smith – Oracle Card and Intuitive Reader

♦Simone Laurent – Tarot and Intuitive Reader

♦Sharon Degnan ~ Crystal Ball and Tarot Reader

♦Grace Collins ~ Aura Photos and Intuitive Reader

♦Andrea Bradford ~ Tarot and Intuitive Reader

♦Julie Donahoo~ Sound Healing Grounding Sessions

Jackie Nattrass and Paulina Trockman will be working the shop, helping you find crystals, jewelry, and more! 

This will be a wonderful time as a half-way point in 2019 to receive readings from our talented practitioners, so mark your calendars and save the date!

For More Information, call 805-772-1100 or visit and our Events Page on Facebook!

This week’s Prescription Bracelet Bar story involves a woman who came into the shop looking for crystals to heal her heart from a recent, painful divorce.

We suggested she try on a Rose Quartz or Rhodonite bracelet. Both pink crystals connect with the Heart Chakra and help release emotional pain or trauma. 

After trying on the Rose Quartz bracelet, the woman said she felt a wave of relaxation move through her chest. 
♥We explained that Rose Quartz emits tranquil energies to gently ease stress or physical tension. The woman laughed, saying she hadn’t realized how tense she had been before putting it on. 

She then tried on the Rhodonite bracelet, and tears immediately welled in her eyes. The woman was surprised by her response to this stone. 
♥We explained that Rhodonite is powerful for deep emotional healing as it moves stuck energy like heartbreak and hurt to free it from the body. 
♥People who have been abused or traumatized can often benefit from Rhodonite as it helps to reclaim a sense of personal power and inner strength. 
♥Rhodonite is called a ‘first aid stone’ to calm emotional shock or panic and offers support to heal from extremely painful experiences. 
♥Rhodonite also inspires forgiveness to move past anger or resentments, which the woman said she wanted to do in relationship to her ex. 

The woman bought both bracelets and said she was feeling more prepared to embrace a new chapter of healing and happiness. 

Our Prescription Bracelet Bar has something for everyone and nearly every healing need. Come in and let our caring staff help you find your perfect match

Join Sharon Degnan for a beautiful and experiential Aura Class!
Saturday, July 13th from 6-7 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.
An aura can be defined as a beautiful energetic field of light that emanates from every living thing.
In this class you will:
•Learn techniques to help you see, measure and feel this amazing energy
•Learn what information the different aura colors reveal
•Discover which crystals can be used to use to strengthen and protect your aura
•Receive an aura photo to keep!
Class fee is just $35.  Call to reserve your space today! 805-772-1100


WOO-HOO! We have exciting news! 

Sunday for the Soul is receiving such a wonderful response, Julie Donahoo is going to be offering this healing Sound Bath EVERY WEEK!

Come for a beautiful and meditative Himalayan Sound Bath on Sunday, July 14th from 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

Make time for yourself to relax, replenish, and recharge as transcendent sound waves wash over you!

Vibrational Sound Therapy benefits every fiber of your being from cellular healing to restoration of energy flow and increased joy! 

Gift your spirit an uplifting experience as you celebrate Sunday for the Soul! This Sound Bath is just $20 ~ bring a friend!

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, or cushion for your comfort! This event will accommodate 10 participants. Call to reserve your space today:

Come celebrate this month’s Full Buck Moon with the amplified healing energies of a lunar eclipse!
 Full Moon Fire Ceremony with Laurine Tonkin will be held in the Top Dog Coffee Garden including a guided meditation, channeled messages, a circle of sharing, and a beautiful, supportive sacred space to set intentions of your heart’s desires while releasing what no longer serves you.

Please bring appropriate clothing, blanket or cushion for your comfort.

Ceremony is open to all and walk-ins are welcome.

$25 cost includes all materials, supplies and one free coffee or tea.

For more information or tickets, call 805-801-7002 or

Laurine is also available for Intuitive Mediumship readings and energy work at Ruby Dragon, Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm.


A vibrant ‘Stone of Passion’ and radiant July birthstone, CARNELIAN connects with the zodiac signs of Cancer AND Leo!

♦For Cancers, Carnelian strengthens confidence and motivation.

♦For Leos, Carnelian deepens emotional connections and intimacy in relationships.

A powerful Sacral Chaka crystal for every sign of the zodiac, Carnelian imparts a world of benefits for your body and soul:

♥Stimulates vitality, creativity, and inspiration

♥Boosts independence and courage

♥Uplifts moods and passion for life

♥Enhances physical stamina and mental focus

♥Attracts success, prosperity, and abundance

Come in for your Carnelian beauty as our Stone of the Week! We have bracelets, pendants, hearts, medallions, free forms and more!

You can also find Carnelian online at!

We are going to be OPEN on Mondays ALL Summer!

Now, you have 7 DAYS a week to shop at Ruby Dragon!

Come check out our newest crystals, books, decks, musical instruments, ceremonial items, statues and more.

Shop hours Monday-Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm ~ see you here!

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