30 Days of Skulls! Light Body Class, Healing Workshop, Give Peace a Chance & More!



We are kicking off October with a MONTH OF CRYSTAL SKULLS!

People either LOVE skulls or have yet to love them.

Our hope this month is to provide you a glimpse into the world of healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening crystal skulls can add to your life!

In case you missed our first days of October, we have featured Lepidolite and Crazy Lace Agate skulls (bottom left & bottom right photos).

 ♦Working with this 5-inch Lepidolite skull can help increase your intuition and manifestation abilities. It will raise your vibration and the energy in your home. This is a wonderful companion for stress relief, meditation, and sleep (when placed by your bed). 
A one-of-a-kind piece, you can find this skull in the shop and online:

♦Working with a Crazy Lace Agate Skull will keep you smiling! It is called the 'Laughter Stone' as it imparts jubilant energies to uplift your body and spirit.
Crazy Lace Agate promotes a positive outlook on life and focus to follow through on your ideas. This skull will remind you to take challenges in stride and embrace your sillier side!

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Light Body Chromotherapy Class with Penny Harrington!

Saturday, October 12th ~ 10 am-5 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom!

Join Penny Harrington for this immersive, hands-on course in Chromotherapy, which raises the vibration of your light body for improved energy and wellness. 

In this course, you will learn:

♦ Techniques of Color and Light healing
♦ How each color provides unique healing in the body
♦ Emotional, mental, and spiritual color connections
♦ How to perform Chromotherapy on yourself and others

Chromotherapy is a proven method for correcting physical imbalances such as arthritis and headaches and emotional imbalances such as depression and anxiety. 

Registration is $175. Included in your registration, you will receive a colored light healing wand valued at $50.

*Pre-Registration is required by Saturday, October 5th: 805-772-1100. Class will accommodate 10 participants.

Please wear light-colored clothing. There will be a 1-hour break for lunch.

After the first class, you will be able to begin offering Chromotherapy or add it to your other healing practices such as massage, Reiki, yoga or counseling.

Penny began her Chromotherapy training in Los Angeles after experiencing the immediate benefits of colored light healing for herself. Her friend was a Color Therapist and convinced Penny to undergo treatment for a persistent ear blockage. The healing was instantaneous, and Penny enrolled in training that day.

Over the years, Dr. Nishant Matthews taught Penny to practice the extensive works of Dr. Peter Mandel, who pioneered Chromotherapy in Germany. Nishant studied as an assistant to Dr. Mandel in India for 7 years. Penny is a master healer in Chromotherapy and is thrilled to share these teachings with you!

Following completion of this foundational class, participants will be invited to attend more advanced classes such as Chromotherapy for Emotional Healing, Chromotherapy for Children, Chromotherapy for Women, Chromotherapy for Animals and more.

For more details, visit our Facebook Events Page! 

Join Laurine Tonkin for The Wounded Healer Meets the Sacred Child Workshop.

TOMORROW ~ Saturday, October 5th from 12 pm - 5 pm
Sacred Sanctuary (Suite A) of Ruby Dragon

The Sacred Child is ready to speak and we will honor him or her this day.

We will be working with your Inner Sacred Child and channeling their messages through prayer and meditation to create a Healing Altar.

This is also a great time of healing with the Celestial Asteroid Chiron. Chiron is known as "The Wounded Healer" and he shows up in every Astrological Chart. His imprint on your life is unique to your own Divine Life Lessons. Chiron is retrograde to provide us a greater and deeper understanding of why we came here and what our main wound is that we need to heal.

In this workshop, you receive:
* A Healing Altar to take home
* A personal astrological printout of your unique relationship with Chiron ($50 value)
* Intuitive Insight, Guidance and Creative support
* All creative supplies are included

You do not need to be "creative" or "artsy" to do this, your altar will speak to your heart and it will create itself.

Exchange is $275
and you can register here:
Class will accommodate 6 participants

SUNDAY FOR THE SOUL with Julie Donahoo!

Come enjoy a special one-hour Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Bath!

Sunday, October 6th from 9:30 am - 10:30 am in the Ruby Dragon Classroom 

Singing bowls emit healing sound waves that your body readily receives for improved relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional and mental harmony...and more!

Gift your spirit an uplifting experience as you celebrate Sunday for the Soul! This Sound Bath is just $25 ~ bring a friend!

You can learn more about the healing benefits of Vibrational Sound Therapy on our Facebook Events Page!
Call Julie to reserve your space: 303-907-0634 or register online at the following link:

**Pre-registration required to ensure comfortable space for all participants!

Sound Bath, Reiki and Guided Crystal Meditation

Wednesday, October 9th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Ruby Dragon Classroom

Celebrate the birthday of John Lennon and World Singing Bowl Day with a deeply relaxing meditative experience to co-create peace - both in our own lives and for all who need it.

Join Vibrational Sound Therapist, Julie Donahoo, and Advanced Crystal Master Healer and Reiki Master, Andrea Bradford, for the creation of a Universal Peace crystal grid, guided meditation and sound bath.

Reiki will be offered to anyone who wishes to receive it. Join with like minded people to Give Peace a Chance; while you relax, replenish and recharge with the power of sound therapy, crystals and Reiki.

Space is limited. Reservations are recommended. Please bring a blanket and/or yoga mat. Call 805-772-1100

Learn to read the Crystal Ball for yourself and others with Sharon Degnan!

Saturday, October 19th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm in the Ruby Dragon Classroom.

In this exciting, hands-on class, Sharon will be teaching you how to stir up your intuition and use a crystal ball to get insights into questions and tap into spiritual insight.

Bring your own Quartz crystal ball or use one of ours! (Please no clear glass balls)

This fun and intuitive course has something for everyone and is perfect for beginners or advanced practitioners.

Registration: $75.
Class is limited to 10 participants.

Call 805-772-1100 to reserve your spot and learn to read a Crystal Ball before Halloween!

What’s most important in your life: Joy, Abundance, or Enlightenment?

You can have it all with our Stone of the Week and today’s featured CITRINE Crystal Skull!

Sunny Citrine radiates warmth directly into your Solar Plexus Chakra for improved confidence, happiness and a wealth of benefits:

♦Attracts prosperity and success
♦Boosts empowerment and motivation
♦Clears negativity or lack consciousness
♦Supports personal growth and mindfulness
♥Working with a Citrine Crystal Skull can shine light on your soul’s purpose and help you clearly define your goals.

♥The pictured 2” skull is the perfect size for every intention and is ready to travel! This little beauty wants to connect with someone special ~ how about you?

Come in this week to explore our huge selection of Citrine pieces, geodes, points, pendants, bracelets, and more.
You can also find gorgeous Citrine AND this Crystal Skull in our online shop: ~ we ship!

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