Transcendent Tanzurine!

Unique African TANZURINE in radiant red or gorgeous green crystals are a recent discovery in the world of minerals and provide for powerful healing. These varieties of naturally colored quartz are incredibly energetic and rare!

RED TANZURINE awakens the Root Chakra with Kundalini fire energy, penetrating the physical body to remove blockages and pain while improving circulation through the spine and back. This crystal shakes loose stagnant energies, emitting warm and pulsing vibrations to integrate complete healing in the nerves, tendons, muscles, and organs.
Also connected with the Sacral and Heart Chakras, Red Tanzurine eases grief, empowering and strengthening resolve to overcome trauma and release fear or doubt. This crystal also imparts warrior energy, inspiring movement into action and facilitating change where needed.
Red Tanzurine is associated with Archangel Nathaniel, allowing heightened connection between heaven and earth to instill balance and harmony within. It further unifies all aspects of the self in the subtle bodies, aligning us with higher knowing of the spirit.

GREEN TANZURINE is an extremely high vibration crystal and  immediately connects with the Heart Chakra, distributing healing into this energy center and throughout the body. Radiating calming frequencies, Green Tanzurine dissipates anxiety, heartache, stress, and tension as it soothes emotions and lifts the spirit.
This heart-centered quartz promotes self-love, forgiveness and acceptance, encouraging us to be gentle with ourselves and others. As it quiets internal “chatter,” Green Tanzurine is a powerful tool for meditation and dream work, allowing for vivid visualization and even astral travel.
Associated with Archangels Raphael and Chamuel, Green Tanzurine surrounds us with protection and peace, opening us to receive divine guidance and integration of universal wisdom.
The unique energy of Green Tanzurine imparts a heightened sense that all is well, and reminds us to “stand in the eye of the storm” where silence and stillness serve our highest good.
Truly remarkable healers, Tanzurine crystals will make powerful additions to your healing practice and collection!

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