Super 7 Crystal Power!

A world of healing in one breathtaking crystal!
SUPER 7 (aka Melody Stone) is a remarkable combination of seven minerals:
1. Amethyst ~ Spiritual Awakening, Intuition
2. Cacoxenite ~ Inspiration, New Beginnings
3. Clear Quartz ~ Energy Flow, Master Healer
4. Goethite ~ Communication, Focus
5. Rutile ~ Transformation, Stability
6. Smoky Quartz ~ Release, Grounding
7. Lepidocrocite ~ Clarity, Knowledge

Super 7 never needs clearing as it continuously cleanses and recharges itself. Sharing these regenerating energies, the seven minerals in Super 7 crystals can clear and activate the seven Chakras to restore your natural radiance. 
The unique vibration of Super 7 resonates with deep earth frequencies (below), Source energy (above), intention (within), and action (without) to support balance and harmony in every experience.
Working with this crystal can effect real change in your life…if you are prepared for it.

Working with a Super 7 crystal can increase every kind of psychic ability:  including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more. Whether you are just beginning to develop your intuitive skills or have years of experience in this arena, Super 7 will take you to the next level of psychic awareness.
This rare beauty is powerful for intention work, capable of healing an individual (microcosm) as well as the planet (macrocosm). Depending on the scope of intent, Super 7 will direct these energies outward—like a ripple flowing across a pond—to wherever the healing is needed.
Super 7 can be used anytime you desire greater understanding of your life path. Because this crystal “supercharges” the primary seven Chakras, it can help you access your 8th or Soul Star Chakra which contains the blueprint of your soul in this time. Meditating or sleeping with Super 7 allows for higher guidance and wisdom to come through most readily.

Get ready for spiritual expansion that will blow your hair back with Super 7 as your guide!
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