Summer Stones for the Soul!

As we celebrate long, sun-soaked days, this vibrant season is a beautiful time to embrace life itself. Crystals and stones that resonate with the Sun’s energies help boost feelings of vitality, encourage new beginnings, and aid in manifestation or intention work!

CITRINE shines like the Sun and is known as a “Stone of Prosperity” for its powerful ability to help us draw in and sustain abundance!
Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and assists us in motivation, clarity, and strength as it calls our souls to action! Awakening creativity and inspiration, Citrine is an ideal crystal to use when beginning new projects or making significant life changes.
This sunny yellow crystal radiates warmth and goodness to instill feelings of positive transformation within!
Awakening creativity and inspiration, Citrine is an ideal crystal to use when beginning new projects or making significant life changes.
SUNSTONE is known as a “Stone of Light,” emitting warm and healing vibrations to brighten the aura and activate every chakra.
This sparkly light-catching stone provides clearing and revitalizing of our emotions. Sunstone alleviate fears and stress, and encourages us to live with confidence and independence.
It furthers imparts mental energy and enthusiasm to embrace change and embark on new adventures!
GOLDEN TIGER EYE is a powerful “Stone of Protection” creates a shield of golden light around us to deflect negativity or undesirable influences. Like the Sun which sustains all life, Tiger Eye constantly recharges the energy body on every level for optimal wellness.
This radiant stone has long been regarded as a ‘good luck’ talisman, and wearing Tiger Eye is purported to bring about fortunate circumstances and synchronicities.
Tiger Eye clears mental fog, imparting clarity of thought and intention. It assists in problem solving, shifting our perspective toward solution-oriented logic and reason.
Tiger Eye balances male/female yin/yang energies, harmonizing emotions and stabilizing moods. Associated with the Solar Plexus Charka, Tiger Eye encourages personal empowerment and purpose.
GOLDEN CALCITE is called a “Stone of Renewal” due to its high vibration cleansing energy!
Activating the Solar Plexus AND the Third Eye Chakras, Golden Calcite is a wonderful ally to promote self-confidence with intuitive visioning.
Boosting mental clarity, courage, and persistence, Golden Calcite can be used when making significant changes in our lives.
It helps us harness our personal power and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves in the process of releasing old patterns or blockages.
This powerful variety of Calcite helps us initiate new beginnings, and encourages us to nurture dreams and passions.
PYRITE is also a “Stone of Abundance,” and is highly effective to manifest prosperity, vitality, and potential on every level!
Pyrite aligns our thoughts with our will, allowing ideas to flow into confident action toward achieving our goals and dreams.
It balances our emotional and spiritual bodies, and instills in us a deeper connection to "gut instincts" and intuition.
Reflecting light from every surface, Pyrite infuses the Solar Plexus Chakra with feelings of  independence. 
This shimmery beauty also activates the Sacral Chakra in connection with life force and spiritual balance.

These luminous crystal allies are but a few that can help you harness your inner vibrancy. It is time to let your light shine as brightly as the Summer Sun!

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