Space Clearing with Crystals

Space Clearing with crystals and stones is a powerful technique to create and maintain the sanctuary of your living or work space!
Even if you are relatively new or unfamiliar in using crystal energies, it is easy to positively transform your environment!

Placing BLACK TOURMALINE by the front door of your home or on your desk at work can provide powerful protection from undesirable influences. This marvelous grounding stone shields us from negativity while transmuting it into higher vibrations.

SELENITE is one of the highest frequency minerals, constantly cleansing, purifying, and energizing any space into which it is placed. It also positively charges other crystals and stones!
AMETHYST and CELESTITE are beautiful crystals that connect with angelic and divine energies, promoting harmony and love within us and also in our personal space.

CLEAR QUARTZ magnifies and amplifies energy. As record keepers, these gorgeous crystals can be programmed with our intentions to assist in keeping our sanctuary filled with pure and radiant light!
These are just a few of the remarkable crystals and stones that can help you create a beautiful, peaceful, high vibration space your own!

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